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New, exciting V-CUBE web site
On the new V-Cube web site, you'll find complete information and specifications on the full range of V-CUBE? high quality products.
The web site, designed for viewing on all screens, is easy to navigate with three product categories; V-Classics,
V-Collections, Create Your Cube.
Designing your own  V-Cube is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity using your own photos for a truly personalized cube to share with family and friends. Customized V-Cubes for corporate clients provide a dynamic promotional tool and unique business giveaway.
Visit our e-shop, socialize and become a member of the V-Cube community.

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V-Classics six layered flat
Size it up, cube funs! The V-CUBE? 6
is a multi-colored, six-layered cube, rotating smoothly on based axes.
It's highly challenging and tests your abilities at focused strategic thinking.
great game, great rewards!

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V-Collections Wild life & Nature
If the 'Call of the Wild' fascinates you, this series of astonishing wild animals, sea life and birds will capture your imagination!
This V-Cube is available in our new 'pillow' shape and is both educating and interesting to all nature lovers.

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The Oldest Known Mathematical Puzzle: 


Archimedes, the ancient Greek geometer, is considered the greatest scientist of antiquity. But, until recently, he was renowned as a mathematician, NOT THE INVENTOR OF THE WORLD'S OLDEST PUZZLE GAME.
Archimedes was born in  Syracuse on Sicily in 287 BC. He was the son of an astronomer and mathematician. Very little is known about  his childhood or family. What we do know is that he left Syracuse for Egypt to study in Alexandria. He was naturally curious and dedicated to problem-solving.
After a journey of 2000 years, Archimedes' scrolls-the Palimpsest-which were cut up and written over with religious prayers through the ages, were, at last, uncovered and deciphered.
In 2002, math historian Reviel Netz, examining an ancient parchment,  discovered the puzzle involved combinatorics -  dealing with the number of ways a problem can be solved.
The goal of the Stomachion is to determine the many ways 14 pieces can be put together to make a square. In 2003, mathematicians determined  the number at 17,152.

What Makes
V-Cubes Unique?
Innovative, patented technology takes the V CUBE? to new levels
in size, functionality
& difficulty. 
There are    'no limits'   
to the fun and challenge
of your game.

New Markets, New Fans
France loves V-Cubes, Mexico loves V-Cubes!
The high quality
of V-Cubes and the biggest cube collection EVER is 
reaching the four corners of the world.  
These are new markets for the cleVer Cube and it is love at first sight!  
Turn Your Brand
into Cubic Art
The options of V-Collections for the corporate world are unlimited. Creative customized cubes are ideal as a promotional and communications tool that boost your marketing activities.
V-Cube at Top Toy Fairs
Innovation Leaders Meet
at Top Toy Fairs
V-Cube participated in two international exhibitions, 
 the North American International Toy Fair 
in New York City 
 and the 
 International Toy Fair, Nurnberg, Germany, 
 where industry leaders presented the newest, top-of-the-line games and toys breaking borders in innovation.
   The V-Cube kiosk welcomed a world of visitors at both fairs creating new fans around the globe.
Barnes & Noble
New Chapter for V-Cube
at Barnes & Nobl

V-Cube is now high on the shelf  at Barnes & Noble,  New York City's prestigious bookseller.
As the world's largest bookseller, the company has 658 retail stores in all 50 States.
V-Cube at Barnes & Noble
V- Cube at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
V- Cube at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art
V-Cube is proud to be among the industry leaders selected by the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Met Store is noted for its unique museum gifts.
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