What a Day!!
SUPER V-Cube Tutorial & Competition at Madrid's Dideco Store
Students gathered at the Dideco Store in Madrid for a full day of V-Cube fun and games.
The super event organized by V-Cube's partner in Spain, Aquamarine Games and the Dideco Group of retail stores, gave excited, young V-Fans a chance to learn how to solve the 3x3x3 and, as an added plus, the tutorial was presented by well-known Spanish cube champions Rodrigo Pueblas and Asier Cardoso.
The event took place on April 16th and included a competition and blind solve where excitement reached full pitch!!
See the video and catch the mood!! Read more

V-CUBE™ 7 Layer
' The Masterpiece' from all sides!!!

The V-Cube 7 'Masterpiece' owns up to its name as a challenging brainteaser for 'serious' cubers from all sides. The revolutionary V-7 is surrounded by fact; no fiction - no imitation.
An original V-Cube concept, the V-7, the first of its kind, has a solid reputation for exacting design and construction with built-in durability.
WHY? Because when the inventor himself envisioned the 21st century 'V' 7, nothing was left to chance.

The cube was created to break borders with higher challenge; 7 layers, 218 cubies, 1.95*10160 possible permutations to test your dexterity and skill at intelligent strategies, as well as tricky combinations.
The core innovation was in place through V-Cube's patented unified technology. V-Cube left no stone unturned. Superior plastic, bright colors, lightweight and the 'pillow' shape.
There's no denying that the original 'pillow', changed the World of Cubes.  Here's what fans say about the V-7: 'excellent puzzle,' 'my main for an event,' 'incredibly solid,' and 'I really like my V-Cube 7 because of its challenging nature.'

The revolutionary V- 7 showcases  V-Cube's philosophy: INNOVATION & quality on all sides.

V-Collections Art Emotions Series
Van Gogh
Most Influential 20th Century Painter
Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 in the Netherlands.
He was a post-Impressionistic painter and considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt.

His brilliant legacy does not reflect a privileged life. He was poor and virtually unknown; in fact, he painted himself (magnificent self portraits) when he couldn't afford models. His life took many turns from bookseller to preacher before becoming an artist at 27.
His famous works include Terrasse des Cafes (The Café Terrace), a painting that inspires his enthusiasm, 'I find satisfaction in painting things immediately'.

Discover the man behind the genius and the works of Van Gogh, which inspired this unique cube in V-Collections Art Emotions Series.

'V' Breaking News
'V's Down Under in Australia.
Australia is known for its great outdoors and iconic designs like the Sydney Opera House
From the beautiful shores to the great outdoors of Australia, the range of V-products will soon be in stores throughout the country.

Our local partners represent the best in the business and ensure our customers get the quality service you expect from the V-Cube brand.

V-Cube is pleased to partner with Jedko Games, Australia's premier distributor of games, puzzles and more.
Quality Talks
V-Cube Fast Forward worldwide
The V-Cube World is growing every day along with the worldwide popularity of  V Cube-products. Thanks to our great community of V-Fans, the word is out that V-Cube is a quality brand dedicated to user satisfaction.

We look forward to hearing from you on all our social media channels; INSTA your original 'V' photos #VCubes#CreateYourVcube, share views on Facebook and keep posting your YouTube V-Cube reviews.
All of our international fans make the V-Cube World special and your input is always valuable.

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