'Action-Packed' Agenda for V-Cube this Month!!

'V-Cube is proud to be main sponsor of 'Swim Across the Canal' of Corinth, a major swimming event in Greece taking place at home of V-Cube'
Konstantinos Verdes     
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.
'V' Breaking News | The Race Is On!!
Swim Across the Corinth Canal with V-Cube!
September 26-27, 2016
V-Cube is backing the organizers of Greece's biggest swimming event all the way.

' Swim across the Canal' of Corinth, a 6 km swimming race, will be an epic experience for both swimmers and spectators for two days, September 26 & 27th.
There are competitive races for adults and children based on age categories and full program of activities in and out of the water. Check it out, it's going to be a super two days!!

Read More about 'V-Cube Swim Across the Canal' of Corinth

V-Cube has designed custom cubes especially for 'Swim the Canal' of Corinth 2016 as a give-away for this fun and challenging swimming event.

YOU, Your-V-Cube & Summer
Five 'SURPRISE' Cubes for Winning Entries!!!
YOU YOUR-V-CUBE & SUMMER proved once more that V-Cube has some 'seriously' creative cube fans.

All entries get a 'WOW' thumbs up from V-Cube. Winners were selected by most number of 'likes' on photo entries. And the 'SURPRISE' cube for each winner is a custom-made, personalized V-3 pillow cube. The sides feature the winning  entry photo,the winner's photo from his FB page and competition Logo. A super way to remember Summer '16 and YOUR 'V'.

Check out the Winners' cubes and take a look at all entries on V-Cubes™ site

80 million items of life on earth!!
Natural History Museum London
V-Cube has created two new cubes for the Natural History Museum London Gift Store available on line.
Welcome to the 'Cathedral of Nature'
Museum Puzzle Cube

The Museum, which is home to life and earth specimens in five categories including botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology, is as impressive as its Collections. The building, with its ornate terracotta façade typical of High Victorian architecture is often called, the 'Cathedral of Nature.'
Solve the puzzle, take the tour! Available soon from the Museum's online store.

Meet the Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Puzzle Cube

Natural History Museum London Dinosaur Gallery is world famous, with skeletons, fossils and lifelike models. Check out this cube with dinosaur favourites such as Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and the truly terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex. You'll want to learn more about these prehistoric giants, like when they lived and why they died out.
Available online at Natural History Museum store.

V-Cube across the Czech Republic
V-Cube in ALBI Gift Shops...
You will find V-Cube in 14 ALBI shops in the Czech Republic.

Take the virtual tour of an ALBI shop and easily find your way to V-Cube products.

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