'Summer is ending and we welcome a dynamic, new season.'
Konstantinos Verdes    
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.

New Season, Dynamic Activities

Summer is coming to an end and we're beginning a dynamic new season.
Our goal is to bring V-Cube closer to Fans worldwide through quality services and communications.  
We'll be sharing valuable 'inside' information on V Cube's patented, unified technology and unique mechanism on the V-Cube web site, Facebook and Newsletter. You can also look forward to new competitions in the near future, which will include more winners and cube prizes.

'V's Summer Best Photo Competition on Facebook ends September 10th and you still have time to enter. Read all the details below. This issue highlights the V-Classics range of products noted for its innovative design, superior quality construction and materials. 'V's Santorini theme cube is also in the spotlight, as well a selection of new, special cubes. Enjoy.

Best Summer Photo Competition.  You Choose the Winners!
V-Cube's Summer FB-Competition
V-Cube's Photo Competition, 'V & You on Vacation' has been running on Facebook all summer and there are some amazing entries to date!
Don't miss the opportunity to enter!
The competition ends September 10th so there's still time to post your photo and WIN!

FIVE WINNERS will be chosen by the most number of 'likes' and will win the CUBE OF THE THEIR CHOICE.

So, check out the competition on Facebook, post your photo AND enter OR simply vote by clicking the photos you like best. By voting, you could win a V-Cube T-Shirt....
More info on V-Cube Facebook Page Post or Vote for Competition NOW!!! Like us on Facebook

V-Classics The 21st Century Cube
When you choose the V-Cube Classics range, you opt for innovation on all sides. Manufactured under V-CUBE™ unified technology, which is patented worldwide, V-Classics offers the possibility of unlimited number of layers, durability and smooth rotation.
The cubes are lightweight and characterized by a superior quality white plastic frame. Innovative UV printing directly on the cube surface provides sticker-less, border-less cubes, with bright, permanent colors. Designed for high aesthetics, V-Cube's flat and unique 'pillow' shape cubes are produced in Europe meeting high standards of quality.

Further, the existing know-how and patent ownership allows for the construction of more complex designs, such as the V-CUBE™9 and V-CUBE™11. These cubes are worth the wait.

V-Collections Santorini Magic
V-Collections  Greek Memories 3  - Santorini
'V's Santorini captures the spectacular beauty and charming Cycladic architecture of a sparkling gem of the Aegean.
Formed from intense volcanic activity thousands of years ago, the island has a long and rich heritage.
Santorini's dramatic landscape, famed archeological site and trendy nightlife create the warmest Greek Memories for every visitor to this natural wonder.

Burj Khalifa V-CUBE
Dubai -  Burj Khalifa
'V's Dubai captures the truly spectacular buildings of the great skyscraper city, including the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa

V's Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
From the Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace to Ferrari World, the world's largest indoor theme park, 'V's Abu Dhabi highlights the city's amazing landmarks.

'V's Egypt
'V's Egypt features the magnificent monuments and cultural heritage of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Leo Pharmaceutical
New corporate cube, new strategy. 
V-Cube's custom-designed cube for Leo Pharmaceutical is an innovative tool for executive training.   >Find out more...
Verdes Innovations S.A