Aretha Grimes with Neil Lerner
" Neil is one in a million."
~Aretha Grimes, Life Skills Supervisor  

Attend a Judaic Program, and you will likely meet Neil Lerner. He is often quiet... listening and watching those around him. 

Neil likes to be near his friends, especially housemate Cathy Fleming, who always looks out for him.

Visit Neil's home, and you will hear him singing beautifully. Over the years, Neil has added Hebrew songs to his repertoire. 

"Neil makes me smile. There is an entire world behind his eyes." 
~ Gloria Carlson, Assistant Executive Director 

An Open Letter of Appreciation

To Our Dedicated Staff
Thank You! You are all Amazing!

On February 9, 2017 winter storm Niko hammered New England with heavy snow, blizzard conditions and high winds. Due to the extreme nature of the storm, businesses throughout Connecticut were closed. But not JCL... 

That fateful day JCL staff demonstrated their dedication to the individuals we serve. JCL's caregivers put in 14 hours, 22 hours, and more, to ensure their well-being. In some cases, staff stayed for an overnight sleep shift, remaining on duty for 27 hours straight.

Dedicated staff put aside their personal concerns to focus on the work at hand. After all, staff had to consider the needs of their homes and families. Is my driveway shoveled? Is my electricity working? Are my children okay? 

The employees listed below were the heroes of this particular storm. Every storm has its share of heroes and others will rise to the occasion next winter.  Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Brenda Allen
Glenn Baglin
Pat Coles-Knight
Laticia Cooper
Tricia Dunn
Kerry Geary
Haydee Goldman
Yvonne Gordon
Colleen Grimes 
Sally Huebner
Lloyd Johnson
Tonya Kellett

Klaudia Kondracka
Sandra Lockett
Donald Miller
Tracie Mitchell
Nicole Monaco
Carol Robinson
Stacy Salmon
Christina Sinclair

Denis Geary celebrates his 60th birthday at a Yard Goats Game! 
Join us in wishing Denis a Happy Birthday!

Everyday Hero

Aretha Grimes
Life Skills Supervisor

"I chose JCL because of the caring environment. JCL is family oriented, not just towards clients, but towards staff as well. I want to make a difference." 
Aretha is a very special person. With an infectious laugh, and a sparkling personality, Aretha treats her "guys" like they're her family. 

She has a great deal of experience with nurturing others. Besides being a parent to three beautiful girls, Aretha was a foster parent for 12 years, helping to raise more than 100 children. 

Aretha has worked in the field of human services for 28 years, including her dedication of experience, time and energy to JCL these past 10. Aretha finds inspiration through helping others. She is truly making a difference.

 "Aretha is the calm in the storm; she's as steady as they come." 
Gloria Carlson, Assistant Executive Director

Everyday Heroes is a regular feature of our newsletters to highlight
our hardworking employees.
A Tzedakah box against a white background
The Gift of Giving - 
When "Thank You" is Not Enough
Making a Tribute donation to JCL is a wonderful way to honor or memorialize someone special or celebrate a milestone or special occasion. 

We celebrate our donors' generosity and are delighted to recognize their tributes to others. 

Special Wishes
Jessica & Tom's Wedding
:   Ms. Susie Robbins Namerow
In Honor
~ Henry Steinberg's 80th Birthday
Anne & John Danaher
~   Ella Brown's B at Mi tzvah BJ & Lenny Diamond
~ Rachel Gassner's Graduation: Faith Vos Winkel & Denis Geary
~ Sarah Mayer's Graduation: Faith Vos Winkel & Denis Geary
~ Sophie Bialeck's 103rd Birthday: Margaret Kahn
Ron Bernstein's Birthday: Florence & Philip Post
~ Reba & Arthur Nassau's 60th Anniversary: Florence & Philip Post
In Loving Memory
Lois Goldberg Sara Algers, Florence & Allen Attas, Andi & Sigi deHaas
Jack Haeflich: Linda & Eric Peterson
Carolyn Olschefski: Florence & Philip Post
Hinda Fisher: Marlene & Jerry Scharr
~ Maxine Goldberg: Marlene & Jerry Scharr
Iris Cohen Rosenberg: Marlene & Jerry Scharr
Charles Baum Edie & Irv Shiffman
Carolyn Olschefski Edie & Irv Shiffman
~ Trudy Jean Rucker Lee Lapuk, Edith Sherman
Rabbi Harold Silver: Lee Lapuk,  Edie & Irv Shiffman
James Welch: Andi & Sigi deHaas

JCL gratefully acknowledges all tribute donations by notifying the person honored with a card. 

Tributes may be easily made online,  click here.
87 cents of every $1 received by JCL is used for direct programming.

JCL Vision Statement 
People with intellectual / developmental disabilities participate in, and contribute to all aspects of community life, strengthened by support  from neighbors, friends, family and fellow citizens.

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