December May Be Cold,
But Your Job Search Could Be Hot!
“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold."
- Aristotle

It’s December, one of the most wonderful times of the year and one of the arguably best times of year to look for a job.

Depending on where you live, there's likely a bit of a chill in the air. You may even look out your window and see snow on the ground. However, just because the temperatures have cooled down and Jack Frost has made his first wintry appearance, doesn't mean you should also cool down your job search
December can actually be a very successful time of year for many job seekers. So light a fire in the fireplace, grab a blanket and your laptop, and get comfy; it's time to start doing some December job searching!

Here are a few reasons why December is the best time of year to look for a job.

Leftover Budget

Much like the leftovers from your holiday dinner, there may very well be leftover dollars in the company's budget. Companies often have wish lists when it comes to positions they'd like to fill, but often those positions aren't listed during the course of the year because it's not entirely clear whether there will be enough wiggle room in the budget to bring on another salary.

Volunteering Builds Connections

An increase in volunteer opportunities is another reason that December is the perfect time to apply for jobs. Think outside of the traditional networking scene and consider how you can do good while also building connections. December is the season of giving, and many companies create volunteer opportunities to help out their community (and the world) in a variety of wonderful ways.

Easier to connect to hiring managers
Aside from summer, December is arguably the time of year when most people opt to use their vacation hours. While you may be tempted to do so as well, if you are serious about your job search, you'll hold off until the new year and focus on contacting hiring managers, submitting applications, and perfecting your resume instead.

Surprisingly or not, many people choose to quit their jobs or leave for other opportunities near the end of the year. Whether it's waiting to receive their holiday bonus and then bailing out, not wanting to return to the office after a vacation, or moving on for greener pastures in the new year, jobs that weren't previously open tend to become open during this time of year. 

Showcase your tenacity

While many job seekers give up and, instead, choose to use December as a time to relax and shrug off the worries of the year, it's in your best interest to keep up the hard work because of what it says about you and your personal brand. You may not consider this, but employers will see your continued effort as tenacious and view you as a go-getter. Tenacious go-getters are the types of people most companies want to hire.

Search away, but keep this in mind...

The moral of the story is that it pays to continue your search well into and throughout the entire month of December. Employers are definitely hiring during this time, and you can easily miss out by giving up.

Be careful, however, not to jump on the first thing that comes along. If a job you're offered in December isn't the right fit, you don't have to take it. Analyze the offering and determine whether the money, the role, and the company culture are the right fit for you.

You can't force something that just isn't right. If you find a job in December, but it doesn't feel right or just isn't a fit for some reason, it's okay to decline the offer and hold out until the new year.

There are lots of opportunities, and you don't want to let the perfect job slip away because you believe the hype about winter-month hiring.

If you need help with networking and creating a career plan, reach out to your career specialist today.
30 Minutes To Your Best Year Yet!
The end of the year is a great time to take stock of your accomplishments...not disappointments. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive, and they hardly ever use this valuable information to their benefit.

Then, build on those accomplishments, visualize where you want to be a year from now, and that can help you focus on where you are and how to position yourself to reach new goals next year!

This year, make a conscious effort to remember your accomplishments and write them down.

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