Volume 8. August 2019
JanineTheMachine August 2019 Newsletter
Happy August! Inside this issue:

  • *New Fall Schedule with new classes beginning September 1st*

  • Check out my Stability Ball challenge this month, which also previews the new class beginning this fall. There is a video tutorial for each day of the challenge.

  • This month I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes, date bars. A great treat with no refined sugar or saturated fat, packed with protein and phytochemicals.

  • Read this month's article that encourages you to eat real food rather than 'diet' food to promote overall health and well being.

  • Also check out the product highlight, hyaluronic acid gel.

  • Summer classes are in full swing. Drop in anytime for $10. First class is always free.
Services and Pricing

Class Highlight - *New this fall*
Mon at 6:30pm and Tue at 9am
Stability Ball Core/Strength/Balance
*BYO Ball*
through the use of stability balls, class members will learn to work the core muscles with a variety of customized movements while improving balance, core strength, and joint stability. Ball challenge below includes daily video tutorials, and previews some of the exercise we will do in class.
Recipe of the month:
Date Bars

Dates are known as nature’s candy. As you see below they are rich in anti-oxidants, and combined with almonds – which have qualities that can lower cholesterol – are a wonderful replacement for a candy bar or other dessert. They are super satisfying and provide a great pre-or post workout snack.


"Moderation. Small helping. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health"  

 -Julia Child
*New* Fall Schedule - Beginning September 1st
Mon Zumba/Tone 8am
Mon Zumba/Tone 5:3opm
*New time*
Mon Stability Ball Core/ Strength
Balance 6:30pm BYO Ball
*New Class*
Tue Strong 8am
Tue Stability Ball Core/Strength
Balance 9am BYO Ball
*New Class*
Tue Strong 5:30pm *New time*
Tue Barre 6:30pm *New time*
Wed Zumba 8am
Wed Stretch  9am
Thur Barre with Pilates 8am
Thur Zumba Gold 11:15am
@Senior Center
Thur Zumba 5:30pm
*New time*
Thur Stretch 6:20pm *New time*
Fri Strong 8am
Fri Pilates 5:3opm *New time*
Sat Zumba 8am
Product Highlight:
Hyaluronic Acid gel
Product Highlight - Hyaluronic Acid Gel
Hyaluronic acid is a major component in skin, and promotes tissue repair and protection, keeping our skin hydrated, elastic and youthful in appearance. As we age our bodies produce less and so applying it topically is an option to maintain moisture and reduce fine lines.

When applied directly to the skin, hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer, penetrating the dermis, boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin. The protective barrier on the skin locks in moisture, which improves the quality of the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.

The main concern with creams and syrums on the market today is that they also contain hidden ingredients that are not beneficial for the skin or body. My hyaluronic acid gel contains only the following: distilled water, hyaluronic acid powder and vegetable glycerine.