Our Annual Meeting next week will tackle a very timely topic of pain, pain management and healing. Did you see the new opioid tapering guidelines release YESTERDAY? On Thursday, the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services issued  new guidelines for physicians  on how best to manage opioid prescriptions. They recommend a deliberate approach to lowering doses for chronic pain patients who have been on long-term opioid therapy. Here is a link to a story that describes this guidance: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/10/10/768914092/dont-force-patients-off-opioids-abruptly-new-guidelines-say-warning-of-severe-ri
You've heard about the opioid crisis and know that managing pain is a huge challenge for patients, advocates and the healthcare system.

At our meeting we will cover the following topics:
  • Bridging the Pain - Healing Through Empathy
Dora Gyarmati, BS, BA, Inventor of M3B® methodology, Owner of SPIRA POWER YOGA LLC
  • What Is Pain: Why is it so Difficult?
David Tauben, MD, Director of Medical Student Education in Pain Medicine and Medical Director for UW TelePain
  • Managing Pain During the Opioid Overdose Crisis
Steven Stanos, DO, Medical Director of Swedish Pain Services
  • Navigating the Language of Pain
Sharna Prasad DPT, Lebanon Community Hospital-Samaritan Health Services
  • The Leading Edge of Health Advocacy: WASHAA and National Efforts
Robin Shapiro, WASHAA Board Chair
  • Panel Discussion: Integrative Strategies to Address Pain and Healing
Moderator Steve Overman, MD, MPH, Sr Medical Director KenSci, Inc and Professor of Medicine at UW Medical School
Panel Member 1: Mind-Body Connection - Brad Lichtenstein, ND, BCB, BCB-HRV, Physician, Writer, Educator, Associate Professor, Bastyr University
Panel Member 2: Movement and Healing : Dora Gyarmati, BS, BA, Inventor of M3B® methodology and Owner of SPIRA POWER YOGA LLC
Panel Member 3 : Cannabis, the Endocannabinoid System, and Pain - Garth E Terry, MD, PhD, Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine and Physician/Research Associate, Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC)
VA Puget Sound
  • Creating A Safe Haven Workshop Afternoon Experience Session
David Hanscom, MD Orthopedic Spine Surgeon (Retired) and Founder, Vertus, Inc.
If you have ever joined us for our Annual Meeting, you know how fun, inspiring and educational it is. We are very close to selling out, so please don't delay registering at www.washaa.org . I hope to see you there!

Here's to your good health,


Robin Shapiro
WASHAA Board Chair
Upcoming Events
Next Thursday, Oct 17 - WASHAA 7 th Annual Meeting - Register Today Before We Sell Out!
The WASHAA 7th Annual Meeting will focus on defining the many aspects of pain and how to heal. Join us for a day of learning, engaging with our WASHAA community and practicing techniques in an interactive and fun way. We are so fortunate to have clinical leaders in the field of pain management joining us. We are almost sold out - Register TODAY! Registration and CEU signup are here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/washaa-7th-annual-meeting-understanding-pain-healing-tickets-55927520720
We are grateful to our sponsors and Partners, whose generous support helps us host our annual meeting. Please join us in thanking:


WASHAA Launches New Podcast Series

We are proud to announce that WASHAA has created the first two episodes of a new podcast series,  Health Advocate You , with host Jason Oliver. The episodes are  focused on stories and interviews with healthcare insiders that teach us how the healthcare system works and what we can do to get the best care possible. Take a listen and let us know what you think! We are also looking for additional guests. Special thanks to our first two interviewees:  Dr. David Hanscom (who will be speaking at our Annual Conference and leading our Safe Haven Workshop) and Brad Schwartz, the Founder of Greater National Advocates.  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/health-advocate-you/id1482078407
ICOPA National Conference Report from the Frontlines
(From WASHAA Vice Chair Beth Droppert, RN, BSN)
Earlier this month,a coalition of healthcare advocacy organizations launched the first International Conference on Patient Advocacy (ICOPA) as a three-day event in Northfield, a suburb of Chicago, October 3rd to  October 5th at the North Shore Senior Center. More than 170 attendees represented varied professions, but there were still many nurses, social workers and physicians. Attendees came from all across the country and Canada and there was high interest in creating regional interest groups (like WASHAA). There was also a lot of interest in having another annual conference next year.
Free Community Membership - Access Cool Information You Can Use
WASHAA is launching a new, Community Membership, which is free and gives you access to certain content WASHAA has developed. When you sign up for our e-newsletter or our Community membership, you will receive our enewsletter, and can view content including:
  • Second Opinion Webinar:
  • End of Life Resource Booklet (compiled for 2018 Annual Meeting):
We hope you will enjoy these resources and encourage your family and friends to  Join Our Community! 
Welcome A Sacred Passing, Guardian Nurses and Pinnacle Care as new WASHAA Partner Members!
A Sacred Passing is a death midwifery and community education organization. A Sacred passing offers death and dying education, planning, and practical care guidance to individuals, community associations, and medical organizations.  The organization works as supportive companions to guide and assist people towards a more conscious dying experience, while honoring individual autonomy.

PinnacleCare strives to help each member in the way that will best support their health and unimpeded care. Medical record collection and review allows a full understanding of health challenges. An in-house medical team and expert research team support the PinnacleCare health advisor in their efforts to identify the most appropriate providers and ensure the member is directed to the right specialist for their condition. Access to care through knowledgeable and efficient navigation of healthcare systems is a hallmark of the PinnacleCare health advisor.

Save the Date for our November 19 Webinar on Financial Toxicity with Dana Hudson
How can patient help prevent the "Financial Toxicity" of innovative medicine and serious illness?  Financial Toxicity is the financial side effects of navigating illness.  This webinar will be led by Dana Hutson, CEO of Cancer Champions, LLC and Board Certified Patient Advocate.   Dana will share her passion for helping people feel prepared, and confident in navigating an increasingly complex healthcare system. Dana will provide practical tips and resources to mitigate the effects of higher out of pocket healthcare costs.

Highlights of the presentation include:
*            Understanding what is driving costs
*            Identifying the risk factors
*            Practical tips and resources to reduce the financial stress induced by higher out of pocket medical costs
BPCA CEUs will be applied for (1 CEU).  Registration is at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/washaa-webinar-on-financial-toxicity-tickets-76504148969
Train the Trainer/ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit Now Available!
If you are interested in becoming a presenter of the ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit, go to the WASHAA website to learn more: http://www.washaa.org/professional_development.html
WASHAA Calendar
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Oct 17 - WASHAA Annual Meeting [Topic: Understanding Pain & Healing]
Nov 6 - Case Review (available to WASHAA Professional Members)
Nov 19 - Save the Date for WASHAA Webinar on Financial Toxicity
Dec 3 - Networking Meeting ( Sign Up )

Although WASHAA speakers can give presentation on many topics, here are a few of our popular presentations: 
  • Advance Care Planning (In partnership with Honoring Choices)
  • Taming Your Medicine Cabinet (New in 2019!)
  • The ABCS of an Effective Doctor Visit
  • Patient Know More...Patient No More!
  • The Emerging Field of Health Advocacy 
  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety 
  • Volunteer Health Advocate Training: Understanding the Role & Skills to Be Effective
To schedule a speaker for your community, please submit your request here:  http://www.washaa.org/request-a-presentation.html

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