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Dear friends,

As we move into February and have spoken our final happy New Year greetings to friends and colleagues, the season of giving may seem well behind us. For the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia, the season of giving is just beginning.

In this e-news we are thrilled to share our collaboration with Green Shield Canada which will amplify our community's support of Nova Scotian's oral and mental health. We are equally thrilled to share the outcomes of the West Hants Community Fund's call for proposals and the local organizations that will benefit from Scotian Wind's collaboration with that community fund. And there is more as scholarship season is almost upon us.

The CFNS is a young foundation; the Winnipeg Foundation for example, is approaching 100 years and we just turned 10. But with more than $8,000,000 of endowment investment under our management, we've supported granting of over $3,000,000 to a diversity of causes that matter to communities throughout Nova Scotia. While we work with donors and partners to address today's and tomorrow's priorities, our focus on endowment ensures that year over year, our donors' investment in communities will continue to grow and grow.

An investment of $20,000 in endowment, after one short lifetime, will have granted its initial value and still represent a $30,000 investment that will continue to give.

We share a focus and commitment to the long-term prosperity of our province with our donors, individuals, families, and charities and endeavor to support the latter's success. Among our 60+ funds, one-third are what we refer to as agency funds, meaning that the endowment's annual granting is designated to a specific charity or specific charitable initiatives. Our management of agency endowments leverages our expertise in stewardship and allows a non-profit to focus on creating impact in the community.
The North British Society of Halifax (The Scots) is the newest addition to our portfolio of agency funds. Founded 250 years ago to support the needs of their Scottish and Gaelic ancestors in the new land, Scot's Society grants have benefitted groups such as the 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel Pipe Band and The Scots' Highland Cadet Corp., and their bursaries have been given to Dalhousie University students studying Gaelic and Gaelic Arts through Colaisde na Gaidhlig - The Gaelic College and Citadel High School.
One last time, I wish you a prosperous year of giving and look forward to working with you.

Angela Bishop, Executive Director

More in this edition:
  • Green Shield Canada Impact Fund
  • New Funds: North British Society of Halifax - The Scot's Fund
  • What's happening in our regions
    • NOW Lunenburg County 
  • Fund Update
    • West Hants Community Fund Recipients Announced
    • The Levenhurst Foundation
    • The Halifax Regional Police Foundation
  • Community News and Events
  • Community Foundation of Canada

Green Shield Canada (GSC) Impact Fun
Green Shield Canada (GSC) is celebrating their  60th anniversary of social responsibility and charitable giving. To mark this historical event, they have established the GSC Impact Fund and through it, will be donating a total of $6 million dollars to priority projects across six Canadian communities. The program is titled "Six 4 Six" to represent the following communities: Hamilton, ON, Windsor Essex, ON region, Calgary, AB and the Atlantic region.  

CFNS has partnered with GSC to administer the program in Nova Scotia where t he initiative's granting will focus will be on oral and mental health. 
The deadline for submitting proposals for this initiative is March 15, 2019. Guidelines and further information can be found here: GSC Impact Fund
The North British Society Charitable Trust - The Scot's Fund

We are pleased to announce the addition of the North British Society Charitable Trust, a fund of The Scots: The North British Society of Halifax, to our portfolio of agency funds.

The North British Society of Halifax was established in 1768 to support the Scottish and Gaelic community in Halifax at a time when Scottish immigration to Halifax was at its height. After the final defeat of Highland Clans during the Jacobite rising at the Battle of Culloden on April 16, 1746, English persecution of the Scottish Highlanders and hard economic times forced many Gaels and Scots to leave Scotland, braving the treacherous Atlantic crossing to settle in Nova Scotia.

Today, they are the oldest Scottish cultural society outside of the United Kingdom.
Joining with the CFNS will allow The Scots not only to continue their benevolent work but to also increase the level assistance they provide to Halifax's Scottish and Gaelic communities. Lìonar beàrn mhòr le clachan beaga - A big gap can be filled with small stones.
You can find more information on the initiatives funded by The Scot's and how to donate at: 

You can also listen to an interview with Beth Anne MacEachen and Angela Bishop on the Sheldon McLeod Show News 95.7 Interview. The interview starts at the 10:20 minute mark.

NOW Lunenburg County Recruitment Tour

Now Lunenburg County had a busy fall in 2018. They took part in a recruitment tour in France and Belgium and talked with literally thousands of people about the opportunities in Lunenburg County and life in our province at the annual immigration fair - Destination Canada. 
Invited by Immigration Nova Scotia along with the Cape Breton Partnership, the Halifax Partnership, and the Western Regional Enterprise Network, they made a great showing under the banner "Team Nova Scotia". They met mechanical engineers, truck-drivers, nurses, teachers, servers, bakers, bartenders, and doctors, not just from France and Belgium, but from all over the world.
Tina Hennigar, coordinator of NOW Lunenburg said that she left for  the tour with a suitcase filled with postcards and our magazines about the amazin g peo ple in Lunenburg County, and returned with the same suitcase filled with resumes from equally am azing people who are looking for a change in Canada. Her task now is to connect the people that she met to some of the employers who are struggling to find employees to help meet demand. With the assistance and expertise of Immigration Nova Scotia, they may one day see some of the people they met here in the province.

While NOW Lunenburg County is not an employment agency, it is their mission to promote the area and grow the population to help sustain the way of life they enjoy so much. They know people need jobs to move to a community and they know their employers need people. If they can help both the hopeful Canadians and Lunenburg County companies by connecting the t wo, this can potentially have an impact on their overarching goal: more people living and working in Lunenburg County, more kids in their schools, and more services bei ng offered.
They are also working quietly but diligently on promoting their area to doctors in particular. They have been gifted an executive style two bedroom apartment to allow visiting doctors, students, and locums the opportunity to have a better sense of who they are as a community. They know from interviewing more than 40 newcomers and asking them why they ultimately decided to move to Lunenburg County, that it was only after staying here for a few days, living amongst their incredible people, experiencing the culture and their relaxed way of life that most people made the decision to move there.
So far they've hosted a number of locums for the weekend, an Ontario resident for a two-week clerkship, and a young couple from Moncton just deciding where they might settle after medical school. Once the call was made to other local businesses asking for goods, services, and experience s, they stepped up too. They received rented bikes, coffee, beer, wine, concert ti ckets and more. They learned from medical students that some know where they're going long before they graduate, so it is up to them to lure them early, because if they don't, another community will. 
What they are doing- inviting people to create a life they love in Lunenburg Cou nty, it's not something with a quick return. Their goal won't be realized tomorrow, but with persistence and perseverance, it will.  


West Hants Community Fund 2018 Recipients Announced

The West Community Fund recently announced the recipients of their 2018 call for proposals for projects that will benefit the West Hants community.

This year's recipients proposed projects that reflect Family & Community First's focus on families and the community and issues presented in the 2016 West Hants Vital Signs®.

The recipients include Quick as a Wink Theatre Society to support their summer youth drama camps, and West Hants Middle School to purchase equipment to teach students sports such as -indoor tennis and pickleball. The Windsor Senior Citizens Bus Society will also receive $20,000.00 to support the purchase of a bus to provide accessible transportation.

Windsor Senior Citizens Bus Society 

West Hants Middle School

Quick as a Wink Theatre Society

Congratulations to all the recipients of these great projects!

Levenhurst Foundation: Grant Opportunities  

The Levenhurst Foundation is now accepting Letters of Inquiry (LOI) for program grants from organizations who are working in Nova Scotia communities facing unique challenges.

There is no pre-established grant limit, however between $1,000-$10,000 is generally awarded. Levenhurst funding can span two to three years for initiatives that have a long-term impact.

Levenhurst Foundation grants go to help those who help others, because by investing in our community, they are empowering every single person to have a positive impact on the people and the places around them.

If you or someone you know has an initiative that reflects the mission of this fund, please share this information with them.

More information can be found on their website at  Levenhurst Foundation.

To submit your LOI simply email it to:  infocfns@cfns-fcne.ca .

The Halifax Regional Police Foundation: 
Safe, inclusive, stronger together

The Halifax Regional Police Foundation (HRPF) was established in late 2017 with the goal of providing ancillary funding for crime prevention and support initiatives for communities served by Halifax Regional Police (HRP). Aligned with HRP's 10-year strategic plan and informed by Halifax Regional Municipality's Public Safety Strategy, HRPF's areas of focus are supporting youth and encouraging innovation in support of safer, stronger and more inclusive communities.
The purpose of their fund is:
  • To fund community projects and initiatives not normally financed by the Halifax Regional Municipality (through individual business unit initiatives and/or coordinated through the Public Safety Advisor) or the Halifax Regional Police.
  • To provide direction for the proceeds from miscellaneous donations, including honoraria HRP will receive as well as for proceeds arising from HRP's brand and intellectual property (name and all related symbols) through the retail sales of HRP merchandise. These proceeds would be used to further enhance relevant community projects.
More information about this fund can be found on our website at  Halifax Regional Police Foundation. 

If you would like to donate to this fund you can do so here:

2019 AFP Maritime Fundraising Conference June 3-4, 2019

Registration for the 2019 Maritime Fundraising Conference is now open.  Early bird registration is open until March 31, 2019 so don't miss out on this great discount:
  • Early Bird Member Price: $200
  • Early Bird Non-Member Price: $300
  • Early Bird Planning Committee Price: $150
  • Student: $75
At this year's conference they hope to have delegates from across the Maritime Provinces joining them for two days of networking and professional development in our own backyard.
The conference will be held at the  Atlantica Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is offering hotel attendees a discounted rate of $145/night.  They have their own underground parking garage that will be available for delegates for a 50% discount.
More details will be announced on key note speakers & sessions at Maritime Fundraising Conference 2019.

All in 2019

The Community Foundations of Canada annual conference will take place in Victoria, BC from June 6-8, 2019. This year's theme is "All in". Stay tuned for more details which will be posted on their website: 

For a sneak peek at what you can expect, watch this video:
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