January 15, 2020
Thanks to all your efforts, the New Year, New You! LIVE event was a huge success! We had thousands of registrants and viewers and Linda shared excellent tips and insights to achieving healthier, more beautiful skin.
If you missed the event, be sure to watch the replay . It’s filled with great talking points that you can incorporate into your presentations. Or, better yet, plan a watch party or show and leverage the information and enthusiasm shared.
NOW is also the time to encourage others to join your team. From now through January 20, anyone who joins L’BRI with the Signature or Ultimate Starter kit will get a $50 L’BRI Credit in addition to the hair care bonus! That’s over a $100 bonus!
And lastly, as I mentioned yesterday, be sure to follow up with those you invited to attend. The follow-up can readily lead you to your next sale, show or sponsoring opportunity.
Cheering you on!