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Chief Golden Light Eagle
Click on any of our  StarKnowledgeTVvideos to explore more of the Speakers you will meet at the Conferences!
Hunbatz Men
 Mayan Council of Elders
Hunbatz will appear in PHOENIX on December 10, 2012
 ONLY, so make sure to be there Monday, Dec. 10, if you want to see him! 
Chief Blue Star Eagle
  will teach "Ascension, the Indigenous Way" 

Aztec Time - Day Keeper- Speaking on "Your Cosmic Identity and Responsibility."
Patricia Cota- Robles
Speaker and radio show host on awakening Humanity's Divine Purpose & Illumination.
Freddy Silva

World's leading expert on Crop Circles and Sacred Sites.
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
 Phoenix Dec. 10-13
 Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist, Clairvoyent Healer, Earth Advocate, & Artist 
Little Grandmother Kiesha
 as a speaker at our Phoenix conference in December!
William Henry

Cutting edge Mythologist and Leading Author.
Vending in Phoenix
Carefree Entrance
Vending for our Phoenix Conference is only a base cost of $200 for all 4 days! Send in your VENDOR FORMS today!!
carefree adobe opera house
 CAREFREE RESORT is the site for our December 10-13th Phoenix Conference. Once you register, you will get a code to receive a massive discount on rooms at Carefree! Also, Carefree is waiving their daily amenities fee, AND charging per ROOM , not per person, SO bring a friend and split the cost to save even more money at this desert oasis!
  Carefree Pool Night time
yolandas drums!
Nammy/Grammy award winner YOLANDA MARTINEZ offers drum making workshops at PHOENIX.
 Email her directly if you are interested:
CALL: 575.373.8642
You must be a registered Phoenix attendee to sign up for Yolanda's specialty workshop.
Munay -Ki in action

Offered by Connie and Michael Gehl, the Munay -Ki are the Nine Rites of Initiation which assist in becoming a person of wisdom and stepping into your own power. Contact Connie and Michael for more information as some preparatory steps are necessary. Offered as a four day sequence at the Phoenix 12-12-12 Conference.
pink rose
This month we give thanks to an anonymous donor  who has helped with Star Knowledge vehicle needs! Sound systems, books, and people will now travel safely to this very cosmic person. Wopilla!
To ensure the continued, safe travel of our Elders.
Phoenix Video Invitation
Hunbatz Men
Chief Blue Star Eagle
Patricia Cotes-Robles
Freddy Silva
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Little Grandmother Kiesha
William Henry
Vending in Phoenix
Carefree Resort
Drum Workshop
Pacific Domes Sponsor
Issue: #4     
September 2012

Dear Friends and Family,


Welcome to Star Knowledge Conferences! We are a heartfelt  community, founded in 1996 by Chief Golden Light Eagle, dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of our Star Nations, or "Wicahpi Oyate," to the People of the Earth, so we may live in balance with Nature once again.
 We are inviting you to our "Event of the Year" for 2012-- Star Knowledge Conference, 12-12-12, north of Phoenix, at the Carefree Resort, Dec. 10-13.(You can view our most recent video invitation HERE.) Beautiful desert breezes and clear, starry nights await us at this gorgeous location! 
 Come and listen to our knowledgeable speakers, and share with us your own messages, dreams, and visions, as we learn to walk Mother Earth together, in a beautiful way.

 Over the next two months, we will be spotlighting each of our speakers in this SKC Newsletter. New issues will come out every 7 - 10 days until the conference-- ENJOY!

Please scroll to the bottom of the letter  for links related to all other Star Family events, and for coupons to save money when registering for Phoenix, and we will see you in December!
                   Many Blessings! See you soon!
                          With Love, 
                                  Star Knowledge Family 
    The 2012 Event of the Year                 

            Carefree Resort
               north of Phoenix, Arizona               
Star Knowledge flyer Phoenix 12-12-12
DECEMBER 10, 11, 12, & 13th
Join us for the renowned yearly Star Knowledge Conference, a four day extravaganza of speakers and more intimate workshops, featuring many North and South American Native Elders, as well as Wisdom Keepers from many traditions. 
 Our theme this year is the celebration of the reunion of Eagle and Condor, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Corn Woman, and the twelfth dimensional frequencies of 2012. The conference is held at the spectacular  Carefree Resort, north of Phoenix, where stars are visible in the night sky, and gentle desert breezes caress you by day. Sign up early to receive MAJOR discounts on resort lodging!

Families-- bring your children this year for the start of our "Global Children's Council" -- kids 16 & under working creatively with each other and our Native Elders each day!

  Hunbatz Men, Chief Golden Light Eagle, Chief Blue Star Eagle, Chief Walking Bear, Chief Grey EagleReverend Jean Holmes, Pete JacksonMazatzin, Grandmother SilverstarLittle Grandmother KieshaFreddy Silva, William Henry, Grandmother Chandra, Douglas Blue Feather, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Dr. Dream (Mark Peebler) ,Patricia Cotes-Robles, Marshall Jack "Golden Eagle" & Camilla Blossom, Mahealani Ventura, Yolanda Martinez, Jackie Bird, Joe Plum, Cynthia Moore, Itasha, Magdala Ramirez, Greg Nielsen, Alex Hermosillo, Gwilda Wiyaka, Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah, Anwa Weelanchee, Andree Morgana, Mary Martin , Barbara Morningstar, Amor Luz, Abel Kozkakuautli, Chelsea Flor, Connie & Michael Gehl, Denise Alley, Apollo Joseph, The Willkasara Family, Patricia & Daniel Cardona, Linda Rettinger, Jeff Becker, Sandra Fecht & Dave Staffen, Marcella "Kuna" Tenanty, Stephanie Phelps, Davin Infinity, David Santangelo & Carly Juengel, Sister7Sisters, Sound Shrine,are just a few of the presenters lined up for this year... 

 .....Go to our  "Phoenix Speakers" page on the Star Knowledge Conference website to see our complete list of speakers.
Your registration fee covers entrance to the Conference, and entrance to to Main Hall of Speakers, each of the 4 days, from opening at 8am to closing at 10pm, December 10 - 13th. 

Each speaker holds more intimate workshops outside of the Main Hall, for one hour, one and a half hours, or two hour segments, which are priced separately ($20 for one hour, $26 for one and half  hours, or $30 for two hours, accordingly.)


(Parents: Children 16 yrs and under do not pay a registration fee, but must be escorted by a legal guardian to the Conference itself.  If they choose to attend our daily "Global Children's Council" there is a $25 workshop fee, per day, per child, for this.) 
                  NEW FOR PHOENIX!! 
Check out our daily option for our children to bring their fresh vision to us at Star Knowledge! 
Each day the Council will meet among themselves and with our Elders, to learn native songs, dances, and to create their own art and  music. 
In the evenings, our older kids will be given a space in the quaint "Red Horse Saloon Cafe" at the Carefree Resort to play their music and have fun.
 ( Council for ages up to 16 yrs, under 6 yrs, child must be accompanied by an adult.)


See coupons below for discounts, call or mail in your reservation before October 1st for best deals on registration with these coupons.

Camping is available at Bartlett Lake, recommended by Carefree Resort. Bartlett Lake is approximately 22 miles from the Resort, and offers beautiful sites and a Marina as well.
Also, please go to our "Share a Room" and/or  "Share a Ride" pages on our SKC website to connect with others who may be camping and carpooling!
Itasha is an Arcturian contactee, Sundancer, and Pipe Carrier who has interacted with Star Beings, Angels, and Spiritual guides since birth. Her workshops include: "Harmony Of the Spheres: Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies with Light and Sound"-- teachings on how to use light, water and music to raise our frequencies to experience the 5th dimension. She also presents "Wisdom Teachings of the Arcturian Civilization"-- in which she shares her most recent interactions and transmissions from the Arcturians. Her website is www.windstargalactic

Pete Jackson
Pete Jackson is an Elder from the Gila River Indian Community in Southern Arizona. He has been asked by Chief Golden Light Eagle to give the opening introduction to Star Knowledge 2012, and to share at this time, Ancient Native Prophecy regarding upcoming changes on Mother Earth and Spiritual Growth of all people. He will teach workshops on "Our Sacred Journey" --preparing ourselves for a millennia of peace while understanding current events, as well as "Preparation for Spiritual Growth and Native Ceremonies" -- the instructions and directions given at this time to help us maintain our sacred path and take responsibility for our own soul.                              

Anwa Weelanchee
Anwa Weelanchee or "Willow Woman"
is an adopted daughter of the Chumash Medicine Man (Alu'teh)  Semu Huaute. She teaches workshops on traditional Chumash culture through her personal stories and knowledge passed down through her father. Anwa Weelanchee sings Chumash rattle songs in her workshops, and will be passing them on to you, in her very participatory workshop based on these songs and teachings.  
Chief Golden Light Eagle A Few Video Links from Alan Blackburn at Star Knowledge TV:

Chief Speaks on Star People/ White Buffalo Calf Woman:
To register by mail, send a check made payable to "Star Knowledge Conference" and mail it to:

P.O. Box 664
Agoura Hills, CA

Please refer to our website, to see our registration fees.

Please include your name, address, and all relevant contact information, along with your check; you must specify how many days you will be attending. 

All travel and lodging for each event is handled independently by you. 

Workshops at the conference are separate from Main Event hall registration, and cannot be purchased ahead of time.

 Once you register with us, you will receive the group discount code for the resort.  Carefree is standing by to take your reservations!

You may email us with questions at:
or call Alan at : (818) 661 7437

We look forward to seeing you this year!


Linda Ivarie and Alan Blackburn
Star Knowledge Conference Organizers

Buy one pass at full price, get your second pass at HALF PRICE, if you register before October 1st, 2012, by mail
 or phone!
Due to popularity, we are extending this offer one more month!
If you are registering by mail,  print & include this coupon in your envelope and take 50% of your second registration. You must include the full names and contact information for  both registrations.  
Or, call (310) 924 5643 to register with this coupon by phone (most credit cards accepted, except AmEx.)
Full price is $244.87 (this includes tax) and half price is $122.44, added together it is $367.31 total. Call (310) 924 5643 with any questions regarding this promotion.
Offer Expires: October 1st, 2012
NOTE: Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with the offer for "One Registration"

Receive $20 off of your fee if registering by mail.
If you are registering to come to the conference in Phoenix, take $20.00 off the total price with tax, if you register by mail before October 1st, 2012.
Just clip this coupon and mail it in with your  check  & contact information to:
                         Star Knowledge Conference
                         P.O. Box 664
                         Agoura Hills, CA   91376 
Offer Expires: Oct. 1st, 2012
NOTE: This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with the offer for "Bring a Friend"
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