A quick "News Burst" about PAI Happenings!
"News Burst" Format
Due to popular demand, PAI Voice has changed its format. Shorter articles and more frequent distribution -- you asked and we heard you. At least every other month, PAI will distribute a News Burst that focuses on one of its program sites. Enjoy the latest news from PAI-Commerce!
Rachel at Vadnais Heights Elementary
Employment Spotlight: Rachel

Where do you work? Vadnais Heights Elementary school.
How long have you been working at the school?For two years.
What do you do while at the school? I wash dishes with the sprayer, load dishes into the dishwasher rack, help set up pans for frozen food to be put in them and help with other things I'm asked to do.
What is your favorite part of working there? Helping the kids.  The kids know my name, and I like helping the little kids get their food.  I love it there!
Bill and Miya dancing into the weekend
Let's Dance!

Dance class is a favorite Friday afternoon tradition at PAI-Commerce. Not only is dancing a great way to start the weekend, it's also a fun form of exercise! Jamming to some favorites such as Despacito, La Bamba, Waka Waka, and Gangnam Style gets the muscles going and hearts pumping. In addition to fun and exercise, this group expands awareness of different cultures and languages while building friendships and celebrating the end of the busy work week.
Jil introducing Dustin the Chinchilla to Hung
Ambassadors with Feathers to Fur

In March, PAI-Commerce welcomed Jil and her unusual animal friends from Animal Ambassadors. What a great experience for everyone! Norman, the parrot, was a favorite. Norman showed us some of the imitations he can do like a crying baby and a cat's meow. We also got to see a giant millipede, a chinchilla, and even a bearded dragon! We learned a lot of fun facts about these animals, and Jil answered everyone's questions. We also got to touch some of these animals. The chinchilla was so soft! We had a great time and hope they will come to visit again sometime soon.

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