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24 June 2018
Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

8:00 am Holy Eucharist

9:15 am Family Eucharist

11:00 am Holy Eucharist with Hymns

Please join us after each service for fellowship, coffee and refreshment in the Choir Room.
For detailed information about  the parish calendar, ministries, and outreach, please click the link below.
Grace Gender Equity Committee’s Second Annual Feminist in Residence event a great success! 
Pictured above , The Second Annual Feminist Scholar in Residence Organizing Committee Left to Right: Kathy Page, Jacqueline de Weever and Alison Melick (Saint Ann and the Holy Trinity), Dexter Guerrieri, Emily Horcher, The Rev. Marie Tatro (Vicar for Community Justice, Diocese of L.I.) Valerie Wattenberg (All Saints Park Slope), The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, John Colon. Not pictured : Janet Elise Johnson, Marilyn Grant, Amanda Philip, Mary Sue Ballou, Meghan Faux.

On Saturday, June 16, 2018, Grace Church’s Gender Equity in Word and Deed Committee—co-sponsored by the Mercer School of Theology, All Saints Park Slope and Saint Ann and the Holy Trinity—held its second annual feminist in residence with the Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first woman Presiding Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church (2006-2015), with some 75 participants.

The Bishop began with a lament about the exclusion, abuse, and undervaluing of women in a world “which continues to be robustly uncomfortable with women leaders.” She argued, however, that our Christian tradition has subversive elements to it: Jesus spoke directly to women, and until Christianity became a state religion, early church communities were often hosted by women. She also encouraged us to “subvert the old narratives” of women in the bible: it was Mary Magdalene who first witnessed the resurrection, and Eve was “the investigator, the giver of life, the risk taker.”

The lament, she asserted, is what evokes our passion to lead, the prophetic voice which names the gap between the real and what is possible. Referring to both Jewish and Native American traditions as well as Jesus’s ministry, she then offered a “spirit-filled leadership model which empowers all bodies”—full of big dreams, curiosity, playfulness, and collaboration—designed to “repair the world.” She sees these ideals in the asset-based community development model now embraced by Episcopal Relief & Development and in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Throughout, the Bishop shared some of her experiences—and asked all of us to do the same—so that we could find our own “gifts of agency.” Most powerfully, she shared her experiences of challenging the old narratives and of sharing power. For example, when asked not to wear her miter by the Church of England, she carried it instead, arousing even more attention. She also used different images of Jesus, as black and as a mother who feeds us all. In parting, she expressed her hope “that this starts a new conversation for everyone” in all their communities.
Grace Summer 2018 Parish Barbecue
Left to right: Susan Vig, Marilyn Grant,
The Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson and Emily Horcher
2018 Sunday School Graduations:
Journey to Adulthood, Living the Good News and Godly Play
Thank you, Joanne Kowalsky!
Grace's Altar Guild thanks member Joanne Kowalsky for more than twenty years of dedicated ministry. Joanne is retiring at the end of the summer from setting up communion for the 8 am and 9:15 am services. We praise God for Joanne's faithful service as a member of the Altar Guild.

The Altar Guild is open to new volunteers at the 8 am and 11 am services. Please contact Kate Hill to volunteer.
Education for Ministry fall enrollment: LAST CHANCE
You too can be a part of the EfM community when classes resume in the fall, if you register before the end of June . EfM provides a safe space for you to develop and understand your own beliefs while learning about the Bible, Christian history, the Episcopal Church and the place for your personal ministry within the larger world—all with people who may well be just as confused as you are! 

To learn more about the EfM program of study, click here .

For information about Grace's group, please contact Kathy Page .
Next Docent Tour: July 1 at 12:30 pm
Parishioners and visitors are invited to explore the interior of our 1847 Gothic Revival church. Tour lasts around 30-45 minutes and starts after the 11 am Eucharist. 

For more information, contact Marianne Hurley or the parish office .
North Room Chats continue in the Summer!
In the CHOIR ROOM, beginning Sunday July 1
At our "North Room Chats" we discuss spirituality and Christianity in bite-sized chunks. No need to prepare in advance. No need to have attended a prior chat. Just be open to learning something new, sharing your own life experiences, and, most importantly, growing in the Christian faith. 

The next Chat will be Sunday, July 1 from 1 0:15 to 10:45 am in the CHOIR ROOM . The following North Room Chats will take place on August 5 and September 2. Join us!
Attend a dinner welcome for Allen and Allison Robinson on July 14! 
The Rector Transition/Welcome Team has organized welcome dinners this Spring/Summer for our new Rector and there is one left! Join on July 14 for a dinner which will be hosted in a parishioner's home in Brooklyn Heights. Spaces are limited so please contact Brianna McCarty at or 785-550-1598 if you'd like to attend.
Grace Church School Applications
Parish families interested in applying for admission to Grace Church School for the 2019-2020 school year may request an application online , beginning at 9 am on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 . Prospective parents should note that the school recognizes the importance of diversity in its student body.

Completed applications are due September 28, 2018 . Tours will be assigned once completed applications are received. 

Please indicate if you are applying under Special Consideration status as a Grace Church Parish Member (early notification and commitment, if offered a place). Special consideration eligibility does not guarantee admission to the school.

Grace Church School is committed to making pre-school a viable option for all. Financial Aid is available for students from Twos through Pre-Kindergarten and is awarded on the basis of need and availability of funds.
Summer Choir News

From June 24 – September 9  all worship services will be held in the air conditioned Guild Hall. A summer choir will be needed to lead in worship at the 11:00 am service.  Rehearsals  will be  10:15 am  in the Guild Hall with Paul Olson at the piano. Service at 11:00 am

All are welcome! If you have family visiting and would like to sing---bring them along!

The younger generation are also welcome!  No audition! Some helpful hints: some ability to read music, a love for singing, and a joyful spirit!!

Further information, speak to Paul Olson in person or by phone (718-624-1850, ext. 20) or by  e-mail .


August Hymn Sings will resume on  Tuesday, August 7 , from  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm  in the McKittrick Choir Room. Led by Paul Olson, there will be presentations by Pam McAllister, Music Director at Park Slope Methodist Church, by our own Rector, Allen Robinson, and other surprise guests!!

Each Tuesday during the month of August! Bring a friend or two and your love for singing!
Pastoral News and Prayer Concerns
Parish Prayer Concerns: Wendy, Sybil, Jacob, Eric & Frances, Lesley, and Sandra.
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