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july 2016
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Arnica Can Limit Bruising
Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon: THIS MONTH!
Worried About "Rolls" Around Your Back/Bra Line?

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From all of us at the Center -

Please enjoy a healthy - non-sunburned - and fun Summer of 2016!

Arnica - A Natural Way To Limit Bruising!
Arnica is an herbal, "homeopathic/naturopathic" medication which can help to limit and diminish swelling or bruising. It is equally effective as either a preventative measure or for treatment. Arnica can be used as a topical cream preparation or as an oral tablet/pellet form.  Read more...
Dr. Back's Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon - Happening This Month!
Why not soften out those Frown Lines, "Crow's Feet", or Forehead Creases?  Look more rested, less 'drawn', or replump your lips!  A natural, fresher, rested, brighter, younger look takes just minutes!  Special Savings on Botox and Special Savings on all the modern  "Wrinkle Fillers" like Restylane and Juvederm!

Xeomin Before & After

Call today -  Our Botox & Wrinkle Filler Marathon starts July 11th!!!  1-856-MAKEOVER
Worried About "Rolls" Around Your Back/Bra Line?
Many women are uncomfortable wearing form-fitting clothes, because the skin either above or below the bra line creates rolls detracting from the aesthetics of the female back. Unfortunately this can occur at any age. Spanx may hide the problem, but who wants to wear tight undergarments during warm weather months?  Read more...

Lyle M. Back, M.D.  
Cosmetic Surgery Center
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