october 2019
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What if someone you care about (and that includes you!) is bothered by some aspect of their appearance, if it affects them, if it puts a bit of a downer on them nearly every day - would you encourage them to do something about it?  And if the risks were reasonable, their expectations realistic and achievable, would you support them in their decision?  That kind of support is invaluable to someone contemplating a cosmetic procedure.  And also it's just plain nice to lift each other up whenever we get the opportunity, isn't it?
Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

Get A More Shapely Figure With A Breast Lift!
Many women experience a loss of volume and shape to the breasts after having children, losing weight, or getting a little older. The breasts can look "deflated", empty, and droopy. Stretch marks might also appear. All this is a result of a diminished amount of breast tissue and fat within the breasts. Simultaneously, the skin that is supposed to be supporting everything may have lost a good deal of its power and elastic tone. Clothes don't fit right, neither do bras, forget about bathing suits.   Read more...
Breast Lift

SniffPhone Detects Cancer From Breath
SniffPhone, currently in its prototype phase, enables early diagnosis of gastric cancer from a person's exhaled breath!  This intriguing, non-invasive, simple device is likely to improve cancer screening all over the world.    Read more...
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