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january 2017
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It's All In The Cheeks!!!
E-Cigarettes And Plastic Surgery
14 Celebrities And Their Plastic Surgery

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It's All In The Cheeks!
As we age, the cheeks tend to flatten and lose contour, creating a fatigued, flatter, and aged appearance to the face.  The flattening/deflating of the cheeks also accentuates any heaviness, sagginess or droopiness to the facial skin.  The artistic adding of small amounts of volume to the cheeks with Voluma┬« in a sculpting-like manner can restore, fill, and recontour the face in a subtle way that rejuvenates without calling any attention to what was done.  Read more...

E-Cigarettes And Plastic Surgery
Cigarette smokers are at increased risk of complications after plastic surgery. Could e-cigarette users face a similar risk?   The short answer is yes.  Evidence suggests that cosmetic patients should stop their e-cigarette use both before and after any procedure to limit the serious complications which could otherwise result.  The risks actually are quite similar to those still smoking cigarettes! The experts offer their opinions and recommendations in a special topic paper in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  Read more...
14 Celebrities Open Up About Their Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery is a touchy subject, especially among celebrities. Kaley Cuoco, however, isn't ashamed about getting a little help from a doctor in  enhancing her appearanceSpeaking to  Women's Health , the "Big Bang Theory" star admitted that she's had both a breast augmentation and a nose job. Cuoco, 30, told the publication that while she believes in loving "your inner self," she sees no problem with getting plastic surgery to improve areas of your body you're not happy with.  Read more...
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