april 2017
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Tips For Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon
Liposuction-Before You Do It
"Fountain of Youth" In Fat Cells?

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We hope your Spring is off to a great start. Warmer days have returned, the sun is back...,and so are all the pollen allergies! Small price to pay for the all the beautiful weather. Enjoy it!

Tips For Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon - 3 Important Steps
You want a plastic surgeon - not a doctor professing to be one - but a real one. You want a doctor who is legally recognized as an expert, who has successfully completed the rigorous training and testing process required to receive the honor of being called a board certified plastic surgeon. The internationally recognized institution for board certification - The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only name you need to know. But write it down and be on your guard - similar appearing or similar sounding "credentials" may be thrown your way. Remember: ABPS certified. Read more...
Liposuction-What You Should Know Before You Do It
The overall quality of the elasticity of your skin might be the single most important factor linked to your final result.  Most of us tend to lose a bit of the "snap-back" and tone of the skin with time. Add in a baby or two, significant weight loss, and some stretch marks - these all increase your risk for limited elasticity.  Read more...
More Evidence That Fat Cells Are The "Fountain Of Youth"?
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine have broken ground on a promising new treatment method that could vastly improve the way our wounds heal and minimize the appearance of visible scars.  As scientists continue to explore the most feasible applications of regenerative medicine, a research team at Penn, joined by partners from the Pikus Laboratory for Developmental and Regenerative Biology at the University of California, Irvine, have turned to fat cells as an organic building block for recovery.
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