july 2018
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July is a wonderful month - school is out and Summer is in full swing!  But as I'm watching the fireworks, I always remember that July also means that we're more than halfway through the year!  How quickly time passes...wishing you and your family enjoy every day of it in good health.
The Brazilian Butt Lift - 5 Things To Know!
We use your own body fat to fill out, plump up, shape and lift the buttocks.  But we need more fat than you think! Imagine this: Step one - the fat you hate is removed and sculpted away from every place on your body where you have "a little too much" through some simple liposuction. Step two - once it's been removed, your fat is no longer the bad guy, in fact, it's as precious as gold.   Read more...

Shaplier buttocks
Cosmetic Surgery For A Pet Fish???
Eugene Ng jabbed a pudgy finger against the side of the glass tank, like a predator singling out his unlucky target.  "That fish's eye is looking a little droopy," said Mr. Ng, pointing to a fish with large metallic gold scales swimming happily among its companions.   Read more...
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