january 2019
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Wishing a happy & healthy New Year to all of you! What can we do to help make this year an especially good one for you?

The Look Fabulous Now Lift!
This is one of the most sophisticated and finely tuned cosmetic procedures available today . A refreshed, rejuvenated look without looking 'over-tightened' or weird - this is the goal of the modern facelift.  Read more...

Your Hair Can Detect Scents???
Like your nose, your hair can detect odors.   In a new study, researchers found that hair follicles contain olfactory receptors - the same kind of chemical receptors that lie deep in the nasal passages. In the nose, these receptors bind to odor molecules that waft in, sending signals to your brain to alert you that something reeks - or smells delicious.   Read more...

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