july 2017
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That old almanac says that a long, hot, sunny summer is ahead. Feels like it started in May! You know we're going to remind you how important sunscreen is - just like we do every summer. Please - take care of your skin! For the best sun protection products around, just stop by!
Why Do Doctors Fear BDD?
BDD-Body Dysmorphic Disorder-is a dysfunctional and obsessive preoccupation with a "problem" with one's appearance which others perceive to be very slight or even unnoticeable. A BDD patient will spend an average of 3 - 8 hours a day on repetitive behaviors such as mirror checking,comparing, camouflaging, excessive grooming,reassurance seeking, and skin picking while studying and thinking about the "defect". Social interactions and activities will be avoided in favor of these obsessive activities. Their inescapable preoccupation also commonly interferes with work and other responsibilities.  Read more...

Melt Away That "Double Chin"...With Kybella!
Kybella is an FDA approved, non-surgical, simple, 15 minute office treatment for the "double chin".  Without any surgical incisions, sutures, scars, lasers, or liposuction, the bulging, bothersome fat pocket under the chin and jawline can be literally dissolved - melted away - revealing a cleaner, more defined chin, a thinner neck, and an overall healthier, slimmer, more youthful look.   Read more...

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