april 2018
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After all that snow this winter season, we're all hoping for a beautiful Spring to really kick in this month! Enjoy the warmer weather, flowers blooming and, oh yeah, the pollen!
Why Is Smoking Before Surgery So Dangerous?
You know that there is absolutely nothing except a wide variety of some very nasty "bad things" that will inevitably come along to those who continue to smoke, right? Smoking is at the root of a multitude of diseases and cancers affecting the lungs but also pretty much everything the cigarette smoke passes on its way into the lungs is affected, too. Read more...
New, Longer Lasting Form Of Botox On The Horizon?
We all know  Botox  is an amazing injectable that treats frown lines, crow's feet, forehead wrinkles  and more . But a new option is coming.  This year, Silicon Valley-based biotech company Revance is finishing up clinical trials for a drug called RT002 Like Botox, RT002 is a neuromodulator that reduces lines. The big difference? RT002's results have been shown to last six months.  Read more...
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