Corporate Newsletter July 2017 - Focus on Graphene & Other Nano Materials Characterization
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Characterization of Graphene using Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Check out this new application note showing how AFM/Raman and TERS analysis combined with the electrical SPM modes delivers important insights into the nanoscale properties of graphene and graphene oxide flakes, and into the correlation between topography, chemical and electronics properties.
In situ real time monitoring of few layers of graphene
In-Situ Real-Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Monitoring of Graphene

Understanding the influence of the CVD process steps on the graphene growth mechanism will significantly contribute to the optimization of the fabrication of graphene with the desired quality and performance. The European Gladiator project aims to optimize the CVD graphene production using new process control instrumentation based on Raman and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry. In collaboration with the University of Thessaloniki and OET company, the UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer mounted on the Aixtron CVD system was able to differentiate the growth of mono and multilayers of graphene. 
Fluorescence for Nano
Fluorescence, an Accurate and Sensitive Tool Intensively Used in the Nano-materials Study

Fluorescence is the perfect tool for the characterization of a population of nanotubes. Using EEM (Excitation Emission Matrix), fluorescence analysis is a unique tool to determine diameters, populations and helical folding angles of the SWCNT families from the mix.
Fluorescence is also a powerful tool for the study of the photoluminescence performances of nano-sized semiconductor materials. The analysis of the fluorescence emission supplies significant information such as surface states, surface defects and oxygen vacancies, photo-induced charge carrier separation and recombination processes in nano-sized semiconductor materials.
One of the main recent applications for fluorescence is the development of quantum dots, used as in vitro and in vivo fluorophores for the labelling technology. Fluorescence is also highly used in the graphene quantum dots study and this application is progressing rapidly. 
Discover our Nano Sizing Solutions

HORIBA Dynamic light scattering system SZ100 is the ideal tool to characterize the size and Zeta potential of nano suspensions or emulsions from 0.3 nm to few µm. The SZ-100 provides multiple measurement modes for working with weak scatterered, high conductivity or very small and diluted samples. Find out more
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International Hackathon
International Hackathon at Ecole Polytechnique, Sponsored by HORIBA Scientific

HORIBA Scientific sponsored a 'Hackathon' that brought together students from the University of Tokyo and the École Polytechnique to do computer programming and prototyping. The event took place from February 24 to 27, 2017, on the campus of the École Polytechnique. About twenty students competed in teams of 5 in this computer programming marathon. Find out more