THE NEWSLETTER    Vol 54, No. 11                                   March 24, 2021
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Sunday School starts at 9:30 In-person and via Zoom
  Sunday worship starts at 11:00 AM In-person and on Facebook Live

Palm Sunday Parade
There is an Irving Berlin musical made into a movie titled, "Easter Parade." The movie starred Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. The dance numbers were wonderful, but the story doesn't really have anything to do with Easter as a religious observance. Besides, there was no parade on Easter Sunday. A few women went to the tomb of Jesus in the dark of the early morning hours. The parade was on Palm Sunday.

Growing up in the church I have several memories connected to Palm Sunday. First, is participating in the Palm Sunday Parade, which was actually the choir processional. The church had a long center aisle and every Sunday the choir and clergy would process in during the first hymn. On Palm Sunday the choir was preceded down the aisle by the children in Sunday school. We were given palm fronds and instructed to say, "Hosanna!" as we marched in. We followed our teachers down the center aisle right to the step up to the nave, where we cut a neat left turn out the side door and back to our Sunday School classrooms. Yes, this was back when children's education was offered during the worship service.

Another Palm Sunday memory is carrying a tray of little cardboard box coin banks in to be dedicated with the Sunday offering. Back then the coin banks were shaped like a church, complete with a steeple. The coins were collected for the One Great Hour of Sharing. I knew that somewhere on that tray was my coin bank and that what I contributed went to help people around the world.

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. Our sanctuary does not have a long center aisle and the choir does not process in. The coin banks aren't shaped like churches anymore, but now resemble fish. However, those coin banks will be a part of our Sunday morning offering and will be dedicated to the One Great Hour of Sharing which still helps people around the world.

See you on Sunday!

The Sounds of Lent

For me, this hymn verse by Susan Cherwien captures the essence of longing and mourning that is the Lenten Season: 

In deepest night, in darkest days, when harps are hung, no songs we raise, 
when silence must suffice as praise, yet sounding in us quietly there is the song of God.  

In this spirit, we offer up music for Lent - THE SOUNDS OF LENT - streamed via our Facebook page on Sunday, March 28, at 6 pm.  Our musicians include Theo Woods, Allen Mosiman, Beverly Naismith, Iris Fielden, Joyce Wilcox and the Parkway Ringers. 

Join us as we raise the "songs of God." 
One Great Hour of Sharing
Did you know that Parkway has been a recipient of One Great Hour of Sharing donations? Yes, a recipient as well as a donor. One of the programs of the church that is funded through OGHS is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance approached Parkway about serving as a Host Site, housing Mission Teams coming to work on disaster recovery efforts. The Session agreed that we had the facilities, dedicating the Youth Center to that purpose. However, we lacked some of the equipment needed to house a larger group of people. The church purchased cots, sleeping mats, sheets, pillows, wash cloths, and blankets for the sleeping area. The church also purchased plates, cups, coffee cups, cereal bowls and other tableware specifically for PDA groups. An early Mission Team offered to buy the church a washer and dryer, which we accepted. It was necessary to have a plumbing reroute and upgraded electrical service. All these things were paid for by grants from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance totaling nearly $15,000. These grants were funded by your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.

When you make your donations this year, please be generous and imagine another Presbyterian Church setting up a Host Site with funds you provided.

You can click here to give now.

Here are pictures of some of our PDA groups that enjoyed staying at Parkway while helping serve our community.

Beach Bonfire | If you weren't there, you were missed!


Lent Activities -- Save the Date

Sunday, March 28 Sounds of Lent 
6PM on Facebook Live Only (not in-person)

Friday, April 2 Good Friday Service
6PM | In-Person and Online

Saturday, April 3 Celebration of the Easter Story and Mission Project 
10 AM - 12 PM for all adults, children, and youth!!!

Easter Food Baskets
We are seeking donations for the Easter Food Baskets which will be distributed by The Purple Door. We hope to be able to purchase 25 HEB Gift Cards of $35 each. Donations of any amount are most appreciated. Please click here to make an online donation or send a check to Parkway with Food Basket in the memo line.


Sara's Kids
Sign up to purchase a gift for a child in foster care or contact Lessie directly. 

 Pick a child by age and gender  here online.  Purchase a gift for the child and drop it off wrapped or in a gift bag by March 28th. 

If you would rather let us do the shopping, you may provide a monetary donation by contributing to the Sara's Kids fund (choose Sara's Kids fund once on the GIVE NOW page) or Text to Give by texting parkwaypc to 73256, click the link that is sent to you and follow the prompts. 

Traditionally, we give $20 gift certificates to teenagers and buy a gift valued at $10 to $15 for younger children. 

Presbyterian Women Spring Gathering on Zoom
The retreat is called the Spring Gathering and will take place Friday, April 9 (5:30 PM-7:30 PM) through Saturday, April 10 (9:00 AM-12:30 PM), all online. Click here for the flyer with all the information you will need for our Mission Presbytery PW Spring Gathering.

Now is the time to register for the online Spring Gathering! Click here to register.
Liz Anzaldua from El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Church here in Corpus is leading one of the workshops entitled "Things My Grandmother Taught Me." It is a review of next year's New Horizons Bible study, which most Presbyterian Women's Circle groups use for their annual studies. Other workshops that sound intriguing are "Church Outside the Box," "Mental Health in the Pandemic," "Child Abuse & the Pandemic," "Chair Yoga for the Not-So-Nimble," and more. Please open the attached flier entitled "Spring Gathering" for full details.
Hope you can join the other women of Parkway Presbyterian and Mission Presbytery in this online celebration!

~Barbara Leal          

Hope Academy -- A School for Girls

There are more than 800 families living in the rural village of
El Aguacate. The average family has eight children and exists well below the poverty level. Many girls are kept home from school to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings. Some of these girls have been denied enrollment in school due to lack of space. When spaces are at a premium, boys are given preferential treatment.

Some of the girls who are lucky enough to attend primary school are forced to leave their homes and school in order to escape abusive family situations. They often marry young and begin to have children, often before the age of 16 - continuing the cycle of poverty.

These girls are beautiful, precocious children - just like your daughter or the girls in your neighborhood. But unlike most American children, these girls may never have the chance to see anything outside of their village. Their village is filled with trash and raw sewage. It has no running water. There is no reliable healthcare and limited access to education.

For these girls, Tree 4 Hope has built Hope Academy, a bilingual STEAM school with a global focus on science, arts, engineering and business, blending Western and Latin American teaching methods for multicultural learning. Taught in a positive learning environment, the curriculum emphasizes women's rights, global relationship building, and self-esteem, cultivating these girls' intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Because educated women are more likely to have fewer children and larger incomes, our graduates will change the entire economic outlook of their village.

Parkway Church has taken on the challenge to providing funding for a security wall around the school grounds. The challenge for us is to raise $20,000. The good news is we are already at $12,165. Please consider a gift to help us complete the project and secure the educational foundation for these girls in Guatemala.

Click here or click on the "Give Now" button at the top right of the church website and then use the dropdown menu to select "Hope Academy Security Wall." You can also write a check to the church noting the donation is for "Security Wall."

Please watch this video for an update on the progress of the security wall. 

Security wall update
Security wall update

Free Mulch
Church members, come get some free mulch! It is located right behind the benches at the Meditation Garden. The mulch came from a leaf vacuum that grinds the leaves, which Anne Mosiman's brother, George, brought on Saturday during our volunteer morning of raking leaves.  Thanks to all who showed up Saturday for the leaf raking.  A special thank you to George for bringing his equipment.     
~Sara Wolter       
Online Order of Worship
We are posting the Online Order of Worship on Facebook, as well as emailing it via Constant Contact.  It is posted on Fridays,  Saturdays (around 6:00 am) and Sundays (at 10:00 am.) 
Current Projects

Other (then click memo for more options which include: Flower Fund, Memorial Giving, Coastal Bend Food Bank, etc.)  

* Don't see the fund you want to support? Call or email Sue and she will gladly help you.

Loaves and Fishes (Metro Ministries)
Loaves & Fishes is a free cafeteria that serves nutritious dine-in meals for the homeless, poor, working poor, disabled, and elderly. This program provides lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. Parkway has committed to serving in the soup kitchen every Friday, from 4:45 to 6 pm. A food handler's permit is required and quite easy to obtain. 

All Parkway shifts have been cancelled until further notice. 

Still want to volunteer? Please call Loaves & Fishes at  887-0151, Ext. 242. to let them know you are coming.
March 29  --  April 3

 9:30  Sunday School In-person 
             and Zoom  
11:00  In-person and Online Worship 
  3:00 PW Poyner Evening Circle 
             Lesson Time via Zoom
  6:00 Sounds of Lent (online only)
 9:30 Staff Meeting
10:00 Musikgarten 
12:00 WOW - Ladies Bible Study   
              via Zoom
 5:30 Book Discussion Group
 7:00 Handbell Rehearsal

 6:00 Good Friday Service 
           (In-Person and Online)




Iris Fielden has served Parkway for 19 years.
Prayer Concerns
If you would like to place a prayer concern onto the prayer chain, please call or text Karen Wesson at 361-815-2099, or send an e-mail to If you are not currently receiving the prayer chain emails (or your email address has changed) and wish to participate in lifting up concerns of the congregation, you may add yourself to the distribution list by going to your Realm account at
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Educational Opportunities
Grades K-2nd In-person and via Zoom. Please contact Nancy Graves
Grades 3rd-5th In-person and via Zoom. Please contact Katie Hoover
      or Isla Schuchs Carr.
Youth meet via Zoom. Please contact Allen Mosiman, Rob Durham or 
      Lou Lambiotte.
Adult meet in-person and via Zoom. Please contact David Williamson
Wednesday Night Discussion Group meet via Zoom. Please contact
      Allen Mosiman.
WOW meet via Zoom. Please contact Nancy Graves.