THE NEWSLETTER    Vol 53, No. 42                                October 14, 2020
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Worship: Sundays at 11:00 AM In-person and on Facebook Live

Educational Opportunities
Grades K-2nd meet via Zoom. Please contact Nancy Graves or 
     Grete McCoy.
Grades 3rd-5th In-person and via Zoom. Please contact Katie Hoover
      or Isla Carr.
Youth meet via Zoom. Please contact Allen Mosiman, Rob Durham or 
      Lou Lambiotte.
Adult meet in-person and via Zoom. Please contact David Williamson
Wednesday Night Discussion Group meet via Zoom. Please contact
      Allen Mosiman.
WOW meet via Zoom. Please contact Nancy Graves.
Parkway Church to Sponsor Poor Man's Supper
Reflecting Parkway's long-standing commitment to Metro Ministries, Parkway was asked to be the sponsoring church for this year's Poor Man's Supper. This is both an honor and a responsibility. The honor is in having another public witness to our engagement with Metro Ministries. The responsibility is to underwrite $5,000 toward the success of the event. To date, between individual gifts and a grant from the Endowment Fund, we have $3,200. That is a great start, but we need your help to fully fund this commitment.
You may make a gift by sending a check to the church office, click here or through the "Give" tab on the church website. If you use the church website, when you land on the "Give" page use the "Give Now" link on the right side of the page, then scroll down through the fund accounts to Poor Man's Supper.
Thank you for your generosity and continuing support of Metro Ministries.

-- Allen Mosiman 

Anne Mosiman has been elected to the Board of Directors of Tree 4 Hope, our partner for the work we do in Guatemala.

Sara's Kids for November
Sign up for a child here.  Not about to shop? You may also contribute to Sara's Kids fund by sending a check to the church (memo line write Sara's Kids), Donating through the website or through Text to Give by texting 
parkwaypc to 73256, click the link that is sent to you and follow the prompts. 

Once you have an assigned child, you can purchase a gift and drop it off to Parkway, wrapped or in a gift bag. Or you can purchase it from and have it shipped to the church. Please send an email to  to let her know the child's name. Traditionally, we give $20 gift certificates to teenagers and buy a gift valued at $10 to $15 for younger children. 

Gifts due by October 26th.Questions? Email Lessie  

PCHAS Virtual Luncheon Update and Information
If you were unable to join the PCHAS(Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services) virtual luncheon, you can see the short, 30 minute, online presentation by clicking on this linkIt was very informative as some of the clients told their stories, and Carla Daniels, LMFT-S Southern Region Child and Family Supervisor, gave a brief talk.

Live-Streaming Worship
If you haven't done so already, join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 on the Facebook page for Parkway Presbyterian Church (and not the one in Metairie, LA, Roslindale, MA or Cummings, GA)! The broadcast is live from our sanctuary! Click here for the link.
Having said that, we are working to improve the quality of your experience as you watch from home. There is still some of the technical equipment on back-order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do an artistic and visually pleasing "fade" from one shot to the next. Gregg Fielden is experimenting with additional microphones to better balance the sound quality. Still, for a bunch of amateurs it is a pretty good product.
Thanks for joining us digitally and for your patience as we work to improve the worship experience.

Online Order of Worship
We are posting the Online Order of Worship on Facebook, as well as emailing it via Constant Contact.  It is posted on Fridays,  Saturdays (around 6 am) and Sundays (at 10:00 am.) 
October 18   --   October 24

  9:30  Sunday School In-person 
             and Zoom  
11:00  In-person and Online Worship 
  3:00  PW Poyner Evening Circle --
 Fellowship Time

  5:30 Finance Committee Meeting
  9:30 Staff Meeting 
12:00 WOW -  Ladies Bible Study
             Zoom Meeting
  5:30 Education Committee Meeting
  5:30 Book Discussion Class via Zoom
  7:00 Handbell Rehearsal

Joyce Wilcox has served Parkway for 33 years! 
Current Projects

Other (then click memo for more options which include: Flower Fund, Memorial Giving, Guatemala Trip, Coastal Bend Food Bank etc.)  

Poyner Evening Circle ZOOM Schedule for 2020-2021


October 18
November 1
Horizons Lesson 2
November 15
November 29
Horizons Lesson 3
December 13
December 27
January 10
Horizons Lesson 4
January 24
Currently meeting via Zoom which is very safe, convenient, and frequent!  Please contact Barbara Leal for the meeting link at 361-992-9116 or email.

Loaves and Fishes (Metro Ministries)
Loaves & Fishes is a free cafeteria that serves nutritious dine-in meals for the homeless, poor, working poor, disabled, and elderly. This program provides lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. Parkway has committed to serving in the soup kitchen every Friday, from 4:45 to 6 pm. A food handler's permit is required and quite easy to obtain. If you would like to participate in this ministry, contact Irene Jones.

All Parkway shifts have been cancelled until further notice. 

Still want to volunteer? Please call Loaves & Fishes at  887-0151, Ext. 242. to let them know you are coming.
Prayer Concerns
If you would like to place a prayer concern onto the prayer chain, please call or text Karen Wesson at 361-815-2099, or send an e-mail to If you are not currently receiving the prayer chain emails (or your email address has changed) and wish to participate in lifting up concerns of the congregation, you may add yourself to the distribution list by going to your Realm account at
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