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"No Right Turn" Signs on 87 Avenue to Stay in Place for Another Six Months 
PALMETTO BAY, FL, MAY 26, 2017 -  Through the steadfast action of Mayor Flinn, Councilmember Cunningham, and Councilmember Siegel Lara, Miami-Dade County has informed us that the temporary "no right-turn signs" along the northbound lane of SW 87 Avenue will remain in place for a total of six months following the completion of the traffic circle planned for  the intersection of SW 82 Avenue and SW 168 Street. Construction of the traffic circle is scheduled to start within the next two months. 

It was previously announced that the  proposed bridging  of SW 87 Avenue from SW 164 Street to SW 163 Terrace has been postponed until sufficient feedback form the community has been gathered. We now know that following public input, a complete traffic study will be conducted evaluating the proposed bridge's impact to the surrounding area. The study will also show what improvements, if any, the bridging of 87 Avenue would bring to US-1 and Old Cutler Road.  

The  pilot project  on Old Cutler Road and SW 156 Street, which has reduced the cut-through traffic on residential roads in this area, is currently being evaluated to remain permanent by Miami-Dade County.

The Village will be installing a temporary traffic diverter also as a pilot program at the intersection of SW 84 Avenue and SW 164 Street that will direct traffic back to SW 82 Avenue. Implementation is anticipated for the week of June 19th and the diverters will remain in place for a period of 90 days after which the results and outcome will be evaluated and further action will be taken based on the information gathered.

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