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Psalm 107:1
1 O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: 

Its "Thanksgiving" time and we are reminded, yet again, to give thanks unto the Lord. It sounds simple enough, yet it’s difficult to find gratitude of any kind these days even toward God.
Cicero said,
“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” 
If giving thanks is the greatest virtue then failing to give thanks is a great sin! Getting people to offer thanksgiving is not easy to do especially when they are dealing with so many problems. There’s a heavy feeling of fatigue; people are crushed beneath the weight of so much sadness and grief in the world. We are constantly bombarded with far too much death from senseless cruelty. We’ve seen images of suffering and we wonder what in the world is going on? The world is filled with takers; it’s what makes the world so dangerous. The apostle Paul warned that an unthankful attitude would be one of the characteristics of the “last days.” 
2 Timothy 3:1-2
1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.
The pressures and problems of life continue to mount and it’s easy to lose perception and hope. But we are admonished to be thankful at all times regardless of the circumstances.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Offering thanksgiving under difficult circumstances is never easy.

It wasn’t easy for the pilgrims who came to America in 1620 after spending 66 days in the hold of a ship called the Mayflower. They arrived on Nov. 21 and began to establish the Plymouth colony. Governor Bradford declared a public Thanksgiving Day that was extended for three days because they had learned through it all to trust in God. During one of the cold harsh winters they were reduced to a daily ration of five kernels of corn each. They endured the harsh winters and summer droughts and through it all they never failed to thank God for His blessings.

Let’s not forget that as Americans we have a lot to give thanks to God for! Thanksgiving to God is commanded! It is just common decency to express gratitude and to be polite and to say thank you.
Ephesians 5:20
20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Dr. Alexander Whyte of Edinburgh was famous for his pulpit prayers. He always found something to thank God for, even in bad times. One stormy morning, a member of his congregation thought to himself, the preacher will have nothing to thank God for on a wretched morning like this. But Dr. Whyte began his prayer, “We thank thee, O God that it is not always like this.” 

The sun will rise again; joy will come in the morning! Just keep holding on, there’s a promise coming down that dusty road!

O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good!

The Ladies of MCOG held a wonderful weekend of worship, fellowship, gifts, and food. We enjoyed the ministry of Rita Phillips. Rita has an outstanding testimony and she challenged the ladies to "Walk like a Warrior".

Saturday morning, the ladies met in the fellowship hall for a prayer breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the food, fellowship and prayer.

Sunday morning featured an all ladies choir and Jackie Jenkins as guest speaker. Jackie's message was anointed and inspirational as she spoke on, "Woman of God".

"Please Search the Book Again", was a powerful program, written by our First Lady, Gayle Jacobs Brackett, that was soul stirring. Make sure your name is recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life!
Rita Phillips
Fun Times
Jackie Jenkins
All Ladies' Choir
Kassidy Cooper
Melissa Bishop, Monica Gibson, Bobby Jenkins, Rob Gibson
Skylar Salsedo
Matt Temple & Ruth Faircloth
Some of our wonderful ladies!
Our "Survivors"
True Women of God
In loving memory of: Willaree Sloan, Pasqualina Nocella, Evelyn Raum
Yes, there is HOPE!
(Left to Right) Rita Dinnoo, Livian Hunt, Betty Wheeler, Hazel Slusher, Bonnie Robertson, Joanie Burns, Gayle Brackett, Beverly Berry, & Jody Craig.
Pink Sunday Choir
The Youth Department sponsored their annual "Fall Festival", Saturday, October 30 with an "80 Style" theme. The turn out was great as everyone was anxious to get back together for some old fashioned church fellowship.

There was plenty to enjoy along with the food, games, hayrides, and fellowship.

A big thank you goes out to our Youth Pastors Ed & Beth Baker for making it all possible!
Phillip & Debbie King come to us as former pastors of the Ranch Road Church of God in Charlotte, NC. where they have served for the past eleven years. 
His previous pastorates have been Jonesville, Randleman, Mt. Holly, Marion Cross Mill, and East Rowan Churches of God.
They have worked side by side in remodeling projects, fund raisers, and community work.
Phillip has served as a WNC State Youth Board Member and is a graduate of East Coast Bible College with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education.
His MIP Internship was at the Lane Street Church of God in Kannapolis under the direction of Pastor Sam Crisp.
He has been an ordained bishop in the Church of God since 1989.
He was a member of the East Coast Chorale for three years and can also play the trumpet.
Debbie is a talented musician and singer and Matthews is her home church; so welcome home Debbie!
We are delighted to welcome the Kings to our staff where we know they will be a blessing to the church and we pray the church will be blessing to them. He will be preaching the Sunday evening service November 7 at 6:30. There will be a reception in the fellowship hall following the service. So please make welcome Bishop Phillip & Debbie King!
MCOG Impact student ministries made a trip to Rock Hill, S.C. for the tour of "Hell-o-ween".

This was the 18th season for the Assembly of God to give this tour. This is not your typical haunted house; it's a tour with various scenes that will open your eyes to the terrifying realities that you face daily … without even knowing it. There are no barriers and nothing holding you back from being immersed into the reality that faces you in this supernatural tour.
Our young people were greatly benefited by this trip.
We give special recognition to our 1st Lady Gayle Jacobs Brackett on being chosen to serve on the CAMS committee of Western North Carolina.

The credentialing of Church of God ministers is a formation process. Calling And Ministry Studies (CAMS) helps the applicants determine if they are called to clergy ministry, as well as providing knowledge about ministry.

The 1st Lady talked to the candidates on Saturday, October 16, specifically to the candidates' wives on "The Call of the Minister's Wife". Those in attendance were challenged and stirred by her exhortation. A fellow board member said it was the best they had heard.
We are so proud of our "1st Lady"!
O God beneath They guiding hand
Our exiled fathers crossed the sea;
And when they trod the wintry strand,
With prayer and psalm they worshipped Thee.

Thou heard'st well pleased, the song, the prayer;
They blessing came; and still its power
Shall onward, through all ages bear
The memory of that holy hour.

Laws, freedom, truth, and faith in God
Came with those exiles o'er the waves;
And, where their pilgrim feet have trod;
The God they trusted guards their graves.

And here Thy name, O God of love;
Their children's children shall adore,
Till these eternal hills remove,
And spring adorns the earth no more
(Rev. Leonard Bacon)
We were delighted to have "Youth Commission International" with us in October.


YCI clubs are student-led gatherings on middle and high school campuses that pray and study God's Word with the goal of shining the light of Jesus and showing authentic love to every student.
Eben Eddy & Kristina Krutzig
Matthews Church of God
517 E John St.
Matthews, NC 28105