Brick & mortar store remains closed
We're still inclined to take the slow and cautious route.

Many, if not most of you are, yourselves, or are in regular contact with someone for whom the Covid-19 corona virus could easily be fatal. We are, too.

Many things inform this decision:

Contact tracing can pinpoint a specific birthday party, church choir rehearsal or nail salon as a source. We don't want to be the fabric store where somebody caught Covid-19.

Of those places opening, the cleaning is rigorous. We're basically on the hook to clean the bathroom every single time it gets used if we don't keep to our "shelter in place bubble" of a small staff who isolate after work.

When we read about a nail salon in Atlanta that was allowed to open, but only after getting rid of "all upholstered furniture" and we look at bolts of fabric, the monumentality of cleaning a fabric store looms.

Easier to continue to run our on-line, curbside service and not have to destroy contaminated inventory, were it to come to that.

We've heard ideas and had ideas --
  • putting all the fabric in plastic bags
  • having customers wear gloves
  • taking everyone's temperature
  • limiting how many are in the store
  • requiring masks
  • requiring use of hand sanitizer
  • not allowing anyone to touch the fabric
  • spraying everyone with disinfectant
  • quarantine bolts for three days after anyone touches it
  • the "smell" test on entry since loss of smell and taste are symptoms
  • hold-harmless non-liability contracts
  • contact information so we can find you
  • removing shoes
  • requiring face shields
  • we've even heard that this all a "Deep State" conspiracy

Really, none of it sounds feasible -- akin to Pascal's wager, what could be lost is so high valued and what could be gained is so small. Yes, some people just HAVE to touch some fabric right now.

We made a forward-looking investment in Internet technology and we can use it to keep you and us safe. So we will.

For now . . .
  • order on-line then...
  • you can pick up at curbside
  • we can deliver
  • we can send by USPS

As we continue to try to contain the Covid-19 virus, we're working with a small staff. We appreciate your understanding that phone orders and "at the window" orders will not receive the website 20 percent discount.
You wanna take this outside?
We're taking it to the parking lot.

And we're trying to come up with new and creative ways to present our fabrics without infecting anyone with a potentially lethal disease. Shown here, strips from the non-panel fabrics of the Great Plains collection, detailed below. See them in person!

This is also a great time to get the lot repaired and sealed. So, if you drive up and see pylons or tape or whatever, use some common sense and go to the side that's open, else you'll have a sticky, tar-based souvenir you may not have intended, Bre'r Rabbit!

We've set up a clothesline to hang the newest panels and swatches of the latest fabrics. Check out our model wearing the latest hula skirt of batiks, too.

You and these samples will be in the breezes, with plenty of ultra-violet rays to keep you safe. If "al fresco" dining is a thing, why not fabric shopping, too?

Order pick-ups are at the window -- we don't want the breeze putting dust on your fabric.

Remember, the entire Hip Stitch inventory is on display in our Internet store, and our private parking lot makes curbside pick up easy. See below for ordering details.

Hip Stitch --
Where new-fangled Internet shopping
meets old-fashioned curbside and
delivery service --
and keeps YOU safe!

Never a dull moment . . .
Just $5.00 a blade.
Swords and machetes are FREE!
Trusted by surgeons to bring a keen edge to their surgical instruments, you know Jeremi can bring a keen edge to your blades.

Register your knives, scissors and machines for Jeremi's attention HERE and we'll be ready for touch-free, no contact drop off and pick ups!
Mask Making News
City of Albuquerque
Youth Summer Programs Masks
Next phase of mask making is for city youth for summer programs. We have about 500 masks remaining to be made -- 10 to a kit.

The city has paid for the elastic and the fabric, but we need you to put them together. This is a slightly different pattern, sized for kids.

If you can sew these quickly, please sign up HERE .

If you signed up for the Junior League sponsored kits for Navajo Nation, please come pick them up and get back to us ASAP - thank you!

"We must use our lives to make the world a better place to live,
not just to acquire things. That is what we are put on the Earth for."
--Dolores Huerta
Mask Maker's Leader Board
22,011 NOW 23,928
Know that:
  • Not everyone reports for the Leaderboard
  • Not everyone is reporting regularly
  • Some just like anonymity
The Leaderboard has grown too big for the newsletter; here's the LINK
How many masks have YOU made? Let us know here .
New product parade
James & the Giant Peach Panel
This panel makes up a very short version of Roald Dahl's classic.

The panel measures 42 inches by 24 inches. We'll leave it to you to figure out the size of the peach we rolled into the store for this photo.

Gone Glamping Placemat Panel
This panel makes up four placemats. You don't have to use them in your camper or trailer, but you definitely could.

Those who know will recognize the vintage Shasta trailer, recognizable by it's wings. (They were merely decorative and did NOT enable the trailer to fly nor offer any appreciable aerodynamic advantage.)

Veggies by Martha Negley for Free Spirit Fabrics - her newest collection of bright fun veggies. Vivid colors combine with organic, sensual shapes to bring an artistic take on salad ingredients.

Blades seen a better day?
Don't be a worrier, Princess -- swords and machetes, are always FREE.

Not charging for such a service may seem lawless, but that's how we're doing it.

Knives just $5.00 each.
Swords and machetes FREE.
Hygienically contact-free,
Surgically sharp!
Geometry is the new line by Janet Clare for Moda. This collection consists of 28 fabrics in cool, blue grays, blacks and ecru whites with a splash of minty chartreuse. Not surprisingly, many little geometric shapes about, with scale at about a dime or a nickel in size. Each fabric is named for a mathematician. Or thereabouts. (What the heck WAS Bucky Fuller, after all?)

What did the acorn say after waiting around a long time?
"Gee, I'm a tree!"

When we asked Jeremi if he could kill bills for swords and machetes he said:

"...a luxury that our kind is rarely afforded. My gift to you "

Swords and machetes FREE.
All other knives just $5.
Register HERE.
Great Plains
Northcott Fabrics
Nina Djuric designed the Great Plains collection in two color ways, and there's nothing plain about either of them. Produced by Northcott Fabrics, this collection features dream catchers, spirit animals and tapestry weave motifs in both a cool winter colorway and warm summer and fall colorway. The panel could be used on its own or cut into individual squares for a more creative use. Panel measures 24 inches by width of fabric.


From brights to muteds, from botanicals to geometrics, we've got a great selection of batiks. See them on-line, or check 'em out on our Hula model, pictured above. Picking up an order? See them in person on display outside!

Have you
the point?

Mis-hone your blades, and you're putting yourself at risk. Same for dull blades.

Don't deny yourself the safety that comes from a sharp blade that is less likely to slip!

Even if you have to walk to get here, bring those blades to Jeremi!

FREE sharpening
for Swords & Machetes.
All other knives, just $5.00.
Back in Stock:
The weather is heating up, so is the salsa. A little lime helps take the edge off. We've got two versions of the fabric "Salsa Picante" by Robert Kaufman. Get it while it's hot!

Creative Grids and Olfa
select from:
  • 6 by 8 inches
  • 12 by 18 inches
  • 18 by 24 inches
  • 24 by 36 inches

Ironing surface and cutting mat in one. Highly portable. Make any table anywhere your sewing studio.

  • All sizes
  • All brands
  • All purposes
  • All colors
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To observe proper social distancing, we are working with a minimal crew. We thank you for your patience.

Please, shop our online store . We don't want to handle credit cards or cash, and can't handle the volume of phone calls in a timely fashion. Our website has unlimited capacity to serve you.

We wish we could have you in the store, but just can't risk your health or ours.

Since the USPS doesn't pick up on Sunday, we are closed on Sundays for the duration.

Make sure you have received your notification that your order is ready if you're coming by for curbside pick-up. If you place several orders, please know that the notifications are automatic and the notice that your first order is ready doesn't mean your second or third is ready.
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