March 13, 2020
To our OCAABA members, friends and allies:
Your OCAABA leaders have been busy assessing the COVID-19 situation in our Orange County Bar community and beyond. Information is changing hourly. At this time, we are following the recommendations of our federal, state and local governments. The California Department of Health recommends that gatherings should be postponed or canceled until the end of March and is encouraging social distancing. For detailed recommendations, please see the link included below. OCAABA is postponing our scheduled events until further notice and we are reaching out to our participants and sponsors separately.

In partnership with NAPABA, OCAABA has taken leadership positions denouncing anti-Asian sentiments related to the fear and confusion of COVID-19. I am mindful that people are fearful and confused - many hearing misinformation or conflicting information from unreliable sources. Seeking information from trusted sources is encouraged.  

As lawyers and leaders, I hope we can set the tone at every opportunity to calm our community while acknowledging that we must keep ourselves, our families and our community safe. OCAABA is here to help where we can and will update you as the situation unfolds. Please check our website for updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take care and this too shall pass!  We will see you soon.
In Unity,
Denise F. Crawford
President of OCAABA

OCAABA/OC KABA Chapman Headshop Mixer - March 19  POSTPONED
27th Annual Installation Dinner - April 30 POSTPONED