February 2019
Five Employment Law Trends to Lookout for in the Year 2019
Paid Family Leave
In 2019, eligible employees in  New York State  will receive up to 10 weeks of Paid Family Leave and up to 55% of their average weekly wage (capped at 55% of the State’s average weekly wage) during their paid leave. The maximum benefit of 12 weeks off and 67% of average weekly wage will not be realized until the year 2021.
Surety Bonding and Insurance - Government Contracting
One of the more significant challenges for small businesses providing services to the government is securing adequate bonding and insurance coverage. When planning to provide a service to the government, plan to secure additional insurance. If the proposed services are construction or construction related, then also plan to secure bonding.
5 Social Media Trends to Take Advantage of in 2019
Social media is fast-paced and it’s important to always stay on your toes

Still, there are a few things we can say with confidence will be a BIG deal this year. These five trends are guaranteed to make a splash in 2019, so fold them into your planning to make the most of your social media marketing:

Orange County Chamber of Commerce hosts another SOLD OUT Event!
The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the success of another sold-out event. The Chamber hosts a General Membership breakfast every second Thursday of every month. Each month a different topic and speaker comes to speak to the Orange County Chamber members and guests,
Achieve better business operations in 2019
New year, new resolutions: if you have your personal goals, why not add professional ones too? For your company to stay competitive and successful, your business operations need to be efficient. How? Let’s count the ways.

Review your business plan
Having a plan is great, and it’s important that you follow through with your plans.

It’s 2019. Are You Using These Marketing Tools?
Sure, direct mail still works, but it’s 2019. Are you utilizing the latest marketing tactics? If not, this is the year to accelerate your growth with some new tools. Consider integrating some of these into this year’s marketing plan – it’s not too late to pivot and prosper!

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MIDDLETOWN – January marks the start of the 20th year of continuous publication of MidHudsonNews.com, the first daily online news source in the Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskill region.
Founded by veteran radio, newspaper and TV reporter Hank Gross, he still heads the organization.
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“Thanks to the support of our readers and advertisers, we continue to grow as a major media player in the region living up to our commitment to provide the news you need to know,” Gross said.

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