January 2019
How to Avoid Credit Card Interest, as Rates Skyrocket
For anyone who can barely afford minimum payments, the future’s looking dim. Interest rates are projected to go up four times in 2018 and another four times in 2019, with no light at the end of this tunnel.
So far, we’ve had three rate-hikes already in 2018, with one more expected to come in December. “ The average credit card interest rate is now 17.01 percent , according to CreditCards.com 's latest report. That's up from 16.15 percent one year earlier and 15.22 percent two years ago.”
When interest rates go up, so do your credit card monthly payments and so does the cost of your debt, making it harder to get out of debt.  
5 Reasons Why State Advocacy Rocks
When people think of advocacy, they tend to think of efforts inside the Beltway. But if you want to get things done, you shouldn’t forget to include some action on the state level, say some experts.
If you want proof, the 113th Congress passed 352 bills and resolutions, while the state legislatures passed more than 45,000 bills and resolutions in that same period.
Why is state advocacy so effective? For one thing, “because all politics is local,” says Jeff Shaw, director of public policy at the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits.

Marketing University is kicking off the New Year with Networking 101
The Orange County Chamber of Commerce's Marketing Committee are continuing their very popular series, Marketing University. They are kicking off the New Year with "Networking In Person and Online" this fourth break out seminar from their 12 month series will be presented by James Danella, Chairman and CEO of Media Vision Advertising .
The OC Chamber of Commerce wants to recognize our 2019 Marketing University's proud sponsor, Atlas Security Services, Inc . Their office based out of Orange County but providing services to clients for over 25 Years, in NY, NJ & PA. Atlas Security's Vice President, Scott Perry said "As a long time Chamber member, Atlas Security wanted to connect and support the Marketing University, because they recognize the value in the series."
Latino-Owned Businesses: "Shining a Light on National Trends"
Latino-owned businesses are growing in number and importance to the American economy. Contributing more than $700 billion in sales to the economy annually, they are also an important source of employment as sole proprietors and as firms with employees on payroll.
The 2012 U.S. Census Survey of Business Owners estimated that Latino-owned firms have 2.3 million employees on payroll, a number that by several counts has grown since the survey’s release. One in four new businesses, traditionally key sources of new jobs, is now Latino-owned. Quite simply, small business growth is tied to the fortunes of Latino-owned businesses.
Yet, research also shows that Latino-owned firms face significant growth barriers. Estimates from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) highlight that only three percent of Latino-owned
High Quality Child Care and Education Helps Our Economy!
There is a problem facing employers in New York State, an ill-prepared workforce.
Did you know that the majority of New York’s 4 th graders are not proficient in reading or math?
Did you know that employers report that high school graduates don’t have the skills necessary for a 21st-century workforce?
4 Signs your business has been compromised by a cyber attack
Organizations across all industries are facing a rising tide of cyberattacks. In 20 17, a  joint study by Accenture and Ponemon   found that there was an average of 130 successful data breaches per company per year, up from 102 during the previous year. Furthermore, cybercrime is costing businesses more than ever, and investment in modern cybersecurity solutions is also at an all-time high.

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Sharon "Jellybean" Warantz, President of Jellybean Promotions was recently awarded the Distributor of the Year Award by regional trade association SAAGNY, (Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York). The award was presented for the firm's work with suppliers of imprinted promotional items and recognition of long term achievement in the industry. It was especially meaningful as it was voted on by the suppliers themselves.

Jellybean Promotions has been a distributor of quality imprinted promotional products for over 27 years and is proud to work with so many wonderful companies and organizations in Orange County and the Hudson Valley. Sharon is a member & officer of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors.
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