Cup of Empowerment
December 10, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Tuesday, December 18th we celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World at our widows and friends holiday.  Starts at 6 PM with a catered dinner.  Must have a reservation.  Call 865-803-5445

SAVE THE DATE!  February 16th, 2019 is our Widows and Friends "He's my Valentine" Celebration at Rothchilds!  To sponsor a table please call the office at 865-803-5445! 

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"OMG How Rude!"
Dr. CarolMarie

"Do you know whose car this is?" I asked the clients of my Day Spa.  "Someone has parked in front of the entrance and people have to go around their car to get inside!"  I was frustrated that someone would be so inconsiderate as to block the walkway!  Client after client I asked if it was their car and one after the other denied it. "Oh, my goodness, how rude!" Finally, when I was pointing out to an employee the unwanted obstruction through the window, I remembered .... "Oh, that's my car!"  I had come early to bring supplies to the Spa, parking close to make it easier to unload.  I had full intentions to move the vehicle before others arrived but got busy!  

In dream language, a "vehicle" many times is a representation of  "ministry".  Do you recognize your ministry?  Have you gotten busy with life and left it where it doesn't belong?  Sometimes we are sent to a place for a specific reason or assignment but not intended to stay. Other times we are to park where we can stay!  Be in tune to your purpose.

Another time I parked outside the JC Penney's store at the Mall.  It was during the Holiday season and the parking lot was full.  When I finished shopping, loaded with packages, I began looking for my car.  Walking up and down the lot I could not find my car!  I used my car fob to see it light up, but no car's lights were responding!  I looked at the side of the building to be sure I was next to the store and I was!  "Did someone steal my vehicle?  Where could it be?"  "Lord, You know where it is.  Please help me."  Then the thought came to retract my steps.  I walked back inside and stood there a minute looking around still praying and listening.  Then I noticed there were women's clothes around me, but I had entered through the men's department side. I had gotten turned around and gone out the wrong door! I had used that door in the past but not today! No one had stolen my car and by going out the correct door the car responded to my signals!

Has the ministry God has called you to responded to your signals?  Do the gifts within you connect with your surroundings?  I have heard it said, "Go where you are celebrated!"  Taking that a little further, "Go where your heart responds!"  Sometimes we have gone out the wrong door that seemed right.  I was at the correct Mall but needed to choose a different door.  A precious widow came to visit Anna's Gate.  She said at first, she didn't understand what was being taught but her heart said to keep coming.  After about three weeks she proclaimed, "I have learned more about prayer in these weeks than I have my whole life!"  She entered a new door and it was the right one for her vehicle!  We celebrate the gifts within her and she pulls on the anointing!  She hasn't known where she "fits" but she kept praying and listening until she found the right door for this season!

We have just entered the 10th month of Tevet on God's calendar.  Ten represents "Governmental authority and Devine order".  This Hebraic month runs through January 9th and is a perfect time to align with God's order for our lives!  Our example is the Samaritan women at the well, spoken of in John 4:7-42.  She did not know where she fit . .  She was rejected by others so much that she had to get her water in the heat of the day instead of in the morning with the other women.  But through their "rudeness" she met the Savior!  She found where she belonged and through this encounter, the entire city met the Lord!

Read more about Tevet to lead you through this time of new discovery and alignment.  (See the link below.)  Spend time with the Lord to examine your vehicle.  Are you parked correctly?  Have you positioned with the correct door for this season?  

Can I encourage you to sow into this door of ministry with a year-end gift?  It's "pure religion" James 1:27 speaks of, that of caring for the fatherless and the widow.  Maybe you or your organization would like to sponsor a table for our annual widows Valentine's event?  We would like all the tables sponsored before the end of the year so that we can invite widows from all over to come and receive hope and encouragement!  The Holidays can be the loneliest time for those living alone.  Many don't know where they fit or even if their car is accepted in the parking lot!  And Oh My Goodness we promise to be loving and not rude!

See some of the fun and yet so encouraging things that change these ladies lives! Tables are $300 to make this event possible. You can give towards a Valentine's table or just give for widows ministry online at  In mailing your gift it to us use 6515 Clinton Highway #100, Knoxville TN 37912 address.  (Call the office for more details at 865-803-5445.) Please know that we love you and so appreciate you!  

Be sure to read the Torah portions below that Jesus read during this time in history!  There is always something that relates to us in our place in history now!  That's so amazing to me!

Find out more about the month of Tevet on our website . Please email us your area of passion and the skill you desire to be developed so that we can agree with you in prayer!  ( )  This is your time to excel into your greater potential!


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