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   January  2016
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Please remember that you are entitled to Union Representation prior to any meeting where possible corrective action may be given.  Please request representation before such a meeting is held.
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Chief Steward  Dina Carlisle RN




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Please feel free to contact any steward with questions or concerns that you might have. Remember that we are here for you!


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The Newsletter for McLaren Macomb RN's
Dear RN Colleague,

        Season Greetings to all of the Brothers and Sisters of Local 40, we hope that everyone had and a safe and Happy Holiday season. Future updates with Local 40, McLaren Macomb, OPEIU and Nursing in general will be part of this newsletter.  If you know someone who does not receive this please forward their email address to us.  Any information that you would like be part of this newsletter please send to;
 Please don't forget that the General Membership Meeting is Wednesday January 20, 2016 @ 7:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the Local office on Crocker.
Local 40 Update
Health Care in Bargaining Conference

From left to right: Cassandra Bell, Steve Rakowitz, Joanne Czeiszperger, Dina Carlisle, Janice Docherty, Jeff Morawski, and Jim Dunn


The Executive Board of OPEIU Local 40 would like to thank Mike Goodwin President OPEIU for his support and leadership. Mike recently resigned as President in December 2015 and we wish him all the best.


Local 40 is continuing to improve the way we represent its members. Executive Board members as well as Union Stewards are actively attending Bargaining classes and Labor workshops to better serve the membership of Local 40.


On behalf of Local 40, I would like to thank each and everyone for their support and contributions for the Giving Tree drive for Mt. Clemens schools.  Look for future activities where we can give back to the community in which we care for.  A special thanks to Jenna Sahr and Dina Carlisle for all of your hard work.
ALERT: Please remember to frequently check your Health Streams to ensure that all modules are completed as assigned. Also look for changes with the ONE CALL system beginning the start of the schedule 1/10/2016.  
Presidents Message

 Dear Members of Local 40,

           2015 was a great year for OPEIU Local 40 Nurses. It was a year of many changes, some good and some bad and with Solidarity we finished the year off strong. I can only hope that 2016 is filled with positive change as well.

           The membership has pulled together and hosted two charity events which were a huge success, thanks to our Nurses, co-workers and family members.  Also I am proud to announce the establishment of the first ever OPEIU Local 40 Nurses Charity Fund.  This is a long time dream come true for the Executive Board of Local 40. The generosity we have seen this year makes me proud to lead such an incredible family of nurses.

    In Solidarity,
  Janice Docherty President Local 40
"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much"' - Helen Keller
McLaren Macomb Update
     As always there many changes occurring this month Joint Commission will be conducting an accreditation survey. This is for McLaren Macomb obtaining  the Joint Commission Accreditation. Please bare with these changes as Local 40 is well aware and representing the Nurses for McLaren Macomb.
   Please check out the McLaren Macomb Nursing Newsletter;
In Solidarity,
Janice Docherty RN CDU
President, OPEIU, Local 40
Jeff Morawski RN Cath Lab
Vice President, OPEIU, Local 40
McLaren Macomb
RN Staff Council
33 Crocker Boulevard
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043