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“OSHA Rules for businesses during “Pause”
& Video from Dr. Jim Shames:
The Governor announced on Friday that several counties (including Jackson County) are taking a two week “pause” (reduction in allowed activities) to try to get COVID-19 transmission rates down. The new rules take effect on Wednesday: Here is the link for the Reopening Guidance for Counties on Pause.
OSHA Has Issued a Temporary Rule: “OAR 437-001-0744 Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks”

  • Employers must complete a risk assessment and complete an infection control plan by December 7, 2020. (Employers with more than 10 employees must have written documentation of their risk assessment and infection control plan.) OSHA will be providing materials and samples to assist in these efforts. For instance, an exposure risk assessment form is here
  • There is a required COVID-19 hazard Poster English / Spanish
  • Employers must provide training and establish a process to provide notification to employees who have been exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Employers are required to make employees available for testing if so directed by public health officials.
  • An overview of compliance dates and which portions apply to all businesses versus “exceptional risk” businesses is here.

“What we think we know about Covid-19”
As we work to get back on a better trajectory, you may want to watch a video by Dr. Shames, Jackson County’s Medical Director/Health Officer: “What we think we know about Covid-19.” The video is a broad spectrum account of what we know about Covid-19 as of September 2020. He explains the complexity of this virus by breaking down various areas from the basics of how the virus spreads, who gets sick, and what we can do about it, to the Socio-Economic and Racial disparities which exist within Covid-19. He addresses topics such as Sensitivity, Specificity, and Mitigation Strategies and where one can go for further information. YouTube Link here.

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