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Message from Your President
It's my last letter as OTTA's President and I want to thank our amazing board and all our members for their support in the past two years, but particularly in the last 7 months. It's been a trying time for all of us, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've watched how resilient and adaptive Oregon's tourism industry has been and I know we'll come back stronger than ever!
Membership renewals went out by email last week. If you did not receive yours, please reply to this email and Stephanie will send it to you right away. You may renew your membership by check in the mail or credit card online at OregonTourAndTravelAlliance.com. Simply click "Member Area" at the top of the website and select "Renew Your Membership."

We are working with our partners to rebuild Oregon's tourism industry and prepare members for a post-COVID recovery. We are creating promotions to maintain visibility among Tour Operators and packaged travel buyers who will be offering Oregon product in the near future. You can support these efforts with your OTTA membership.

We're also excited to announce that members will receive complimentary admission to our next two virtual meetings featuring amazing keynote speakers like world renowned travel guide writer and TV series host, Rick Steves, who will join our February 25th meeting as our keynote speaker. Registration for this event will open in January - keep an eye on your email and our website for the latest updates.
Thanks again for all your support of OTTA and our industry. Please join me in welcoming your next OTTA President, Tammy Thompson, and your next OTTA Vice President, Kristen Dollarhide!
Mandy Morgan
OTTA President
Willamette Valley Vineyards
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Member Profile: Jennifer Morkert
Bet you didn't know that Jennifer loves alternative music, is not a fan of country at all, but most are surprised that she aIso loves hip hop music (older). Jennifer has been part of OTTA since before it was OTTA, when it was OTTTF - 18 years. TC Caldwell was the person who encouraged her to get involved. TC was with the Newport Chamber at that time.
OTTA has benefited her over the years in so many ways. It has given her the chance to explore parts of Oregon that she has never seen. Jennifer has met like-minded passionate tourism partners. The partnerships have turned into strong friendships that feel like family. Over the years this has brought lots of exposure and business to her company in the way of referrals and recommendations.
"Oh that is a hard one" says Jennifer about her favorite OTTA meeting! She thinks her favorites have been the ones farther away with a group of them on a road trip - Pendleton, Ashland, Silverton and Coos Bay come to mind. Always down for a road trips with her friends!
This past year has made us appreciate so much more. Our industry is built on a foundation of relationships. With everything happening this year, it really makes her realize the power of our friendships and connections. When travels stopped and we didn't have the opportunity to connect in person, reaching out and connecting in other ways have been so important. Jennifer makes an effort to reach out to a different person every week. She misses her travels and seeing people all the time, but she is loving the time with family too. Jennifer is so much more appreciative of the little things and the quality time this year.

News Around the State 
You might recognize these images taken from our seven regions in Oregon. Just some reminders of things to do when we are open for travel again. Enjoy.
Portland needs us to come visit!
Timberline and Mt. Hood awaits!
Missing the Oregon coast oceanfront!
Wine tasting, biking in the Willamette Valley!
Even claustrophobics can enjoy the Oregon Caves ... wine in Southern Oregon!
Oh the views in Central Oregon!
Mark Your Calendar! 
January 5 January OTIS Training 
January 27 U.S. Travel Association State of the Travel Industry 2021 Address 
February 2  February OTIS Training 
February 25 
OTTA Virtual Winter Meeting - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
February 26 (due date) 
October 25 OTTA Fall Meeting in Ashland, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm 
Please contact Chris Chester at chester.chris@yahoo.com  if you want to add a calendar item for the Upcoming Newsletter.

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