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Ocean and Industry Celebrities, Artists, Explorers, Policymakers and 'Eco-preneurs' to gather at BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit November 3-9


BLUE 2014 draws an ecosystem of ocean all-stars: Jeremy Irons, Sir Richard Branson, Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet, Kelly Rutherford, Kathy Castor, Jenifer Austin, Don Walsh, Cousteau family members, and many others


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (October 23, 2014) The power of BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit (BLUE) to catalyze cultural change and to shift global consciousness has drawn an A-list of ocean stars from all walks of life. Extraordinary people, stories and discoveries will take center stage at BLUE 2014, November 3-9 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


BLUE is a unique public event with global reach, where advanced ocean technologies are showcased in concert with inspiring films, and an amazing and diverse collection of other venues. Founded in 2006 by Debbie and Charlie Kinder, it has become internationally renowned for its unique ability to spark important discussions in areas of ocean science, conservation and exploration, and as a platform for professional development among industry leaders, students, and marine enthusiasts all over the world. "BLUE is a unique gathering of filmmakers, storytellers, and technologists who come together to figure out how to ignite public passion for the ocean," said Jenifer Austin, Manager of Google Ocean Program. 


The weeklong event includes Jeremy Irons' presentation of documentary feature Trashed, James Cameron's film on his death-defying 7-mile solo submersible dive, Fabien Cousteau's 31-day underwater living experiment in the Florida Keys, remarkable new images from Google Ocean Program, Sylvia Earle's presentation of documentary Mission BLUE, screening of Island President under the stars, workshops, special events, professional roundtables, and surprise appearances.  Registration and schedule here. For more  information about 2014 BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, visit


BLUE 2014 Highlights:

  • Academy Award winning actor and advocate Jeremy Irons will host a special screening of his award-winning ocean pollution documentary, Trashed. 
  • Opening night special screening of James Cameron's DeepSea Challenge 3D. The Oscar Award- winning director's journey to fulfill his lifelong dream of diving to the deepest part of the ocean will be showcased in 3D, ultra high-definition, at The Mahaffey Theatre. The expedition team will be on hand and James Cameron's actual diving sphere will be available for viewing throughout the event.
  • Presentation of Making Waves Award to Sir Richard Branson
  • An address from Katherine Anne "Kathy" Castor, U.S. Representative for Florida's 14th congressional district.
  • 75 International Fulbright Scholars by special invitation from the U.S. State Department.
  • Rising Tides: Sea Level Symposium with guest speaker Dr. Gary Mitchum, oceanographer at University of South Florida St. Petersburg, who will lead an important discussion that is close to home in Florida and everywhere around the world. 
  • Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31. The first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau will share footage from his recent expedition living 31 days submerged in the Aquarius, the world's only underwater marine habitat, located off the coast of the Florida Keys.
  • Special screening of Mission Blue, which follows Dr. Sylvia A. Earle around the globe on her life-long mission to protect the ocean. Widely recognized as one of the world's most influential ambassadors for the ocean, Dr. Earle has been called a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress, and the first "Hero for the Planet" by Time Magazine.
  • Exclusive goliath grouper exhibit and slideshow by National Geographic photographer David Doubilet. Doubilet has produced nearly 70 stories for the National Geographic Magazine since 1971, is a feature columnist, author of twelve books, award recipient, and founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP).
  • Renowned Australian photographer, explorer, Senior Fellow at ILCP, and author, Michael Aw, will be exhibiting photographs and giving workshops throughout the festival. Aw was named one of the world's most influential nature photographers by Outdoor Photography.
  • Sir Robert Swan, the world's first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. Sir Robert Swan will deliver the keynote, "Leadership on the Edge." 
  • Google Ocean Program and Catlin Seaview Survey will present an exclusive preview of new StreetView images from the Florida Coast.
  • Environmental journalism workshop hosted by Poynter Institute.
  • Other speakers include Dan Basta, Director of National Marine Sanctuaries, Paul Baribault, VP at Disney Studios, legendary underwater filmmaker Stan Waterman, Mote Marine Laboratory's founder and pioneering scientist Dr. Eugenie Clark "The Shark Lady," and more.
  • Special appearance by "Gossip Girl" actress, Kelly Rutherford. 
  • Screening of 150+ films, Q&As with famous ocean celebrities, art exhibits, the prestigious BLUE Carpet Awards, fun family activities, Ocean Voyagers, a special collaborative screening and live score presentation by The Florida Orchestra, and much more.  A complete listing of events and speakers (subject to change) is available at

BLUE 2014 Headquarters


Host city of BLUE 2014, St. Petersburg, Florida, was named a top global place to visit in 2014 by The New York Times and is among the most concentrated centers of ocean research in the world. BLUE Film Headquarters is the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront.


Be a Sponsor


BLUE sponsors include: Rolex, Disney Nature, Google, City of St. Petersburg, St Petersburg Clearwater, Bill Edwards Presents, Bright House Networks, Glass is Life, Muvico Theaters, Tampa Bay Times, NOAA National Marine Sanctuary, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, HealthCareIQ, Poynter Institute, Make a Difference Media, Earth Advertising, Paradise, and many others.


Who attends BLUE


Attendees include the general public, students, research and academic institutions, film and media professionals and organizations, ocean and environmental leaders, government officials, and retail and consumer businesses.


Next stop: Monaco


BLUE's strategic partnership with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation brings BLUE to Monaco in 2015. In closing remarks at BLUE 2013 held in Monaco, HSH Prince Albert II emphasized both the need to shift global consciousness and the power of BLUE to help do this. "This event uses the power of film, photography, entertainment and science to educate, empower and inspire ocean stewardship around the globe," he said. "To awaken consciousness toward environmental protection more effectively, our best weapons are those that win over our hearts and minds."


About BLUE


"Ocean issues urgently need our attention and not just for the well being of future generations, but for the health of our own children. If humanity's life support system is lost, little else matters. I believe film and entertainment are the most powerful tools we have for reaching a large number of people in a short amount of time, hopefully before our only choice is crisis management," said Debbie Kinder, Co-Founder and CEO of BLUE.

BLUE is an international non-profit organization that uses the power of film, visual arts, entertainment, and science to inspire ocean stewardship around the world.  The annual festival has become the premier watering hole for scientist, filmmakers, explorers, artists, government leaders, celebrities and ocean enterprises, providing a springboard for individual empowerment and policy action to help save Earth's blue life support system, the 71% percent of the planet's surface that is ocean. Its traveling BLUE On Tour has presented educational outreach events to thousands of people in China, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and through partnership with the United Nations.


BLUE 2014 online: The Festival will be broadcasting through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Follow with free APP #ExploreBLUE2014 for updates.


For more information, visit






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BLUE has built an ecosystem of 1000's of diverse past participants who share a mission to promote ocean conservation.
Join the BLUE WHO's WHO *
Debbie Kinder, Founding CEO 
Charlie Kinder, Co-FounderBeijing WOD 2012
Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission BLUE
HSPrince Albert ll of Monaco
Paul Baribault, Walt Disney Studios
Jeremy Irons, Actor 
James Cameron, Filmmaker/Explorer
Dr. Greg Stone, Conservation Int.
Celine Cousteau, CauseCentric
Dan Basta, National Marine Sanctuaries
Dr. Eugenie Clark, "Shark Lady"
Fabien Cousteau, Mission 31
David Doubilet, National Geographic
Captain Don Walsh, Explorer
Dr. Jacqueline Dixon, USF/ Marine Sci.
James Toomey, Sherman's Lagoon
Michele Westmorland, Photographer
Darryl Hannah, Actor and Activist
Louie Psihoyas, Filmmaker
Chinese Youth Interview
Sandra Welch, NSF
Mark Wild, BBC
Stan Waterman, Ocean Pioneer
Dr. David Guggenheim, Ocean Doctor
Graham Hawks, DeepFlight Audience at the Golden State TheaterTeachers at Poynter Institute
WYLAND, Artist
Jennifer Bogo, Popular Science
Kip Evans, Photographer
Jackson Brown, Artist
Dianna Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition
Jenifer Austin, Google Ocean Program
Martha Shaw, OCEAN Times
Greg MacGillivray, IMAX Filmmaker
Chris Palmer, One World One Ocean
Tom Campbell & Great White
 Mohamed Nasheed, Maldives
John Bowermaster, Ocean Hero 
Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Unite
Ashley Sponagley, BLUE

Charlotte Vick, BLUE On Tour
Norman Dobiesz, Cousteau Divers 
Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State
M. Robert Calcagno, Monaco

SE M. Bernard Fautrier, Monaco

Andrew Kornblatt, Online Ocean

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*people who have participated in BLUE and may or may not attend 2014


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A Global Convergence of the Ocean Arts & Sciences

November 3 - 9, 2014 / St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay, Florida



The Film Festival

Screenings of winning films and Q & A with film makers, ocean photography, marine technology and art exhibits.

Production and communication skills, underwater filmmaking technical expertise through hands-on master classes. The latest information on ocean issues and film projects, networking among commissioners and other media funding organizations.


The Conservation Summit

Lectures and panels impart the latest science, share insight, debate issues, and challenge audiences to be proactive. Some of the most dramatic and inspiring moments at BLUE.
Just three more weeks until BLUE...

Where film is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nothing is more effective than entertainment in engaging the world in the most pressing issues of our time.The BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit (BLUE) has captured the attention of professionals, celebrities, media and the public alike by going beyond film and exploring new mediums.

An ecosystem of ocean all-stars 


BLUE showcases the world's best ocean media and the people who create it. Every year, alternating between Monaco and Tampa Bay/St Pete, BLUE is the watering hole of community leaders, inventors, governments, students, educators, filmmakers, explorers, producers, artists, scientists and celebrities who gather to meet each other, see what's new, and share thoughts on how to amplify the voice of the ocean. You are invited!

From platform to spring board

Many many projects and collaborations have sprung from BLUE. Governments are working with scientists, working with filmmakers, working with artists, working with media, all in the best interest of our life-support system - the majority of the planet which is blue. Together we are making history by making media. And it's fun!

Come for the films, stay for the fun


BLUE is where ocean all-stars come for the films, and stay for the parties and panels. They strengthen partnerships and build new ones. There is no ocean gathering in the world like BLUE. Throughout the year, BLUE On Tour travels the world so that as many people as possible can be inspired by the films.

No matter who, they find something at BLUE


Dr. Sylvia Earle has often said that this may be the most important ten years in the next 10,000. We now know more about the ocean than in any time in history. We can actual do something, no matter who we are. So, why wait? Come to BLUE! 

Everyone is welcome at BLUE

"More than films, more than a celebration of all things wet, the BLUE Ocean Film Festival brings together a potent mix of artists, scientists, conservationists, decision makers, industry leaders, lively kids and more. Come to be in the company of kindred spirits and make useful contacts. Come to be entertained, or inspired or informed. Come to have a good time, whatever strums your heartstrings, just don't miss out."    Dr. Sylvia Earle



The BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit is a project of  Make A Difference Media, a 501(C)3 non-profit, dedicated to healthy ocean, healthy planet and healthy humanity.



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BLUE will be generating stories and interviews throughout the week and broadcasting live. We also have a series of Google Hangouts to keep you up to date. If you would like to attend BLUE and schedule interviews with the line-up of BLUE Ocean all-stars, celebrities, and film makers, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that schedules and participation are subject to change - download the B:UE App EXPLOREBLUE2014 for updates. Apply for credentials at BLUE Press Room

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