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October, 2013


Philanthropy & Your Clients



Later this month the Community Foundation will be co-hosting a complimentary continuing education breakfast seminar at the historic Hotel Baker in downtown St. Charles.  A three-person panel will be discussing the current state of philanthropy, and the importance of having a charitable conversation with your clients. 


Much research has been done on the charitable conversations professional advisors have with their clients and the positive outcomes those conversations produce.  This research also shows that professional advisors are continuously looking for additional resources for their charitable clients. 


However, no research has been more telling than the initial response we received for our upcoming seminar.  Within the fifteen minutes of sending out the invitation, four local advisors had already R.S.V.P.'d for the seminar.  Now maybe these advisors are attending simply for the free breakfast, or the CE credits!  Either way, they are carving out some of their valuable time to learn more about incorporating philanthropy into their practice. 


Click Here for More Information and to R.S.V.P for the Seminar!
Over 90% of your clients make charitable gifts during the year; however, less than 50% of professional advisors actively discuss charitable giving with their clients.  Closing this gap would be greatly beneficial to not only you, but to your clients, and the charity receiving their gifts! 
In addition to positioning yourself as a broader-based advisor, actively discussing philanthropy with your clients greatly strengthens those relationships and can lead to mutigenerational clients.  I encourage you to visit our website  (by clicking here) for more information on discussing philanthropy with your clients, and I look forward to seeing you at our seminar on October 23 - if for nothing else but a free breakfast and CE credits!
Thanks for all you do for this community!





Jeff Hartman

Director of Development 


"Hard-Wired for Giving"

Contrary to conventional wisdom that humans are essentially selfish, scientists are finding that the brain is built for generosity

By Elizabeth Svoboda          August 31, 2013        



The Darwinian principle of "survival of the fittest" echoes what many people believe about life: To get ahead, you need to look out for No. 1. A cursory read of evolutionary doctrine suggests that the selfish individuals able to outcompete others for the best mates and the most resources are most likely to pass their genes on to the next generation.


Then there is classical economic theory, which holds that given the choice, we will often opt for a personal benefit over a personal loss, even if that loss involves a benefit to someone else. The philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill championed the self-centered theory in the mid-1800s, describing man as a creature that "does that by which he may obtain the greatest amount of necessaries, conveniences and luxuries, with the smallest quantity of labor and physical self-denial."


But the latest science shows that, in fact, we are also hard-wired to be generous.


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 Advisor Spotlight!
Ted A. Meyers


Meyers & Flowers   



Look around attorney Ted A. Meyers' office and you'll see why the legal profession means so much to him.  On one wall you'll see the faces of Ted's great uncle, grandfather, uncle and father, all of whom were attorneys.  Being fourth-generation is something Ted says is great, especially in how it offers a perspective on how he performs his job.


"I followed my dad around a lot and began going to court with him when I was 7.  He taught me that the practice of law is a profession, not a business.  With my father, it was never about making money, it was about helping people," Meyers explains. "There's a business aspect to it, but the reality is you take care of people, you take care of their problems."


With a general focus on business transactions, estate planning, and real estate, Ted describes himself as the legal equivalent of the family doctor.  As a trusted advisor to many families and businesses, Ted's main focus is to advise clients to take steps to treat and resolve legal ailments before they require surgery.


Ted is highly regarded amongst his peers and has been selected as a Leading Lawyer for

Trust, Will & Estate Planning Law.


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The Community Foundation is grateful to Ted - and the many estate planning attorneys throughout this County - for advising families through some of their most difficult times.  Thanks Ted for all you do for this community!




Who Says There's 
No Such Thing As A Free lunch (or breakfast)?!


To say "Thank You" to the many professional advisors who are willing to incorporate philanthropy into their client conversations,

The Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley would like to bring a continental breakfast or box lunches to your office

and provide a brief - and entertaining - presentation on philanthropy. 


Continental Breakfast

Assortment of bagels and cream cheese, muffins, mixed fruit, and coffee


Box Lunches

Various deli sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookies, soda, and bottled water

Simply contact the community foundation today to schedule a 45 minute breakfast or lunch and let us do the rest!




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