October 2022 Newsletter
Welcome to Club Momentum / Bounce and the 2022 club volleyball season! We are so excited to be back in the gym and onto the tournament court. If you haven't already reviewed the full logistics email you received earlier this month, please respond to this email and I will make sure yours is forwarded on to you. This includes a virtual parent meeting video that everyone should view as it covers a lot of information.

If at any point you have a question, the best way to reach me is via email at matt@clubmomentum.com or texting me at 312-504-4697.
We received payment from "The Technology Tailor" with no player assigned to the contact. If this was you, please respond to this email so we can credit the proper athlete with payment.
Tournament and Practice Schedules LIVE
We have loaded both the tournament and practice schedules to our website.
One note on practice schedules. We will be making some adjustments to the Momentum 14s schedule and will communicate this as far in advance as possible. We are looking to get more court time so that we have less athletes per court = more reps in drills and less people sitting out when scrimmaging.
AAU Nationals (Bounce Only)
The dates for AAU Nationals have been announced. I am working on getting the program a room block and will circulate this information as soon as possible. The room blocks will be optional, so if you wish to book on your own, by all means do so.

Many families choose to make this trip into a family vacation and we greatly encourage this. Below are the dates athletes MUST arrive by, the actual competition dates, and dates for recommended departure. DO NOT book a departure flight on the final day of competition.

Bounce 13 Red, Bounce 14s
Arrive June 14
Compete June 15-18
Depart June 19

Bounce 15 Red
Arrive June 18
Compete June 19-22
Depart June 23

Bounce 16 Red, Bounce 18 Red
Arrive June 22
Compete June 23-26
Depart June 27
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