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   Kevin Wing



April 15 Deadline Approaching for 
Gold & Silver Circle Nominations
Silver Circle 2013
     The nomination deadline is approaching for the Gold & Silver Circle Class of 2016. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, April 15.
     The Silver Circle is not an award -- it is a society of honor. To be eligible for membership, individuals must have been actively engaged in television broadcasting for 25 years or more (with at least half of those years in the Chapter region), made a significant contribution to their local  television markets and distinguished themselves within the industry and the community. Silver  Circle inductees are elected by current members of the Silver Circle.
       The Gold Circle honors individuals who have been actively engaged in television broadcasting for  50 years or more (with at least half of those years in the Chapter region) and who have fulfilled the  same criteria as Silver Circle nominees.  Gold Circle inductees are elected by the Board of Governors of The San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
     Neither the nominee nor the individual nominating need be a member of NATAS. 
     Self-nominations are accepted as well. 
     The induction luncheon will be held in October in San Francisco.

More information emmysf.tv/circles
EMMY ®  2016
Emmy® Nominations May 4 
Watch LIVE Webcast or Attend Chapter Parties 
in S.F., Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Hawaii

By Kevin Wing
Chapter Vice President, San Francisco
and Cynthia Zeiden
Chapter Vice President, Sacramento 

    It's Emmy ® Award season!
    Mark your calendars for two important dates coming up: Emmy® nominations for the 45th Northern California Area Emmy® Awards will be announced May 4, and the Emmy® Awards Gala will be held at the glitzy SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco June 4.
    The Emmy® nominations will be announced at 7:30 p.m., May 4, originating from Sacramento at one of several nomination parties taking place throughout the Chapter that evening. Other parties will be held in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Hawaii. 
     After an absence of nearly two decades, the Emmy ®  nomination parties are returning to the San Francisco / Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The parties were once a festive Chapter tradition, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s.  
    The nomination parties will begin at 7 p.m. The Hawaii party will also take place at 7 p.m., Hawaii time, following the airing of early evening newscasts there. 
    The nominations will also be featured on a LIVE webcast from Sacramento via our Chapter website, www.emmysf.tv. The LIVE webcast will be broadcast at all nomination parties. 
    A complete list of all nominees will be posted on the Chapter website. 
    Nomination certificates will be given out to local nominees at their respective regional parties. All other nomination certificates will be handed out at the Emmy® Awards Gala in San Francisco.

    Emmy® nomination party locations: 

    Sacramento: Coloma Community Center, 4623 "T" St., Sacramento;
    San Francisco: Beyond Pix Studios, 950 Battery St., San Francisco; 
    Oakland: KTVU FOX 2, 2 Jack London Square, Oakland; 
    San Jose: KNTV NBC Bay Area, 2450 N. First St., San Jose;
    Hawaii: At press time, party location for Hawaii had not been determined. 

    To RSVP for the Sacramento party, click here.

    The Chapter wishes to thank Access Sacramento for providing the Sacramento venue, production, cablecast and live webcast. The Chapter also wishes to thank Beyond Pix, KTVU FOX 2 and KNTV NBC Bay Area for providing the venues for the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose parties, respectively. 
    Watch your inbox in the coming days for a Chapter e-blast containing more information about each nomination party.
Chapter Elections Coming Up for 
Open Seats on Board of Governors

By Richard Harmelink
Chapter Governor, Fresno

       It will soon be time to elect new Governors to the Board of Governors of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 
       Each year, the Chapter elects new Governors to the Board of Governors to fill the vacancies left by the outgoing Governors whose terms are expiring.
       Each Governor serves a term of two years and can run for another two-year term after finishing a first term. This year, the Chapter will elect 12 Governors to join our Chapter's Board. We want you!
       For myself, I have been a NATAS Governor representing Fresno for several years, and I have enjoyed EVERY minute of it. Being able to have a voice for my region and for the entire Chapter is very rewarding. But, don't take my word for it. Below are a few thoughts from other Board members:
       "It's been an honor to serve 16 short years with so many talented Governors; whether it was debating issues in the boardroom, doing committee work or attending our many events", says Keith Sanders, Chapter president. 
       "It's a rewarding way to be involved in honoring great role models in our business, and helping students get into this business," adds Kim Stephens, the Chapter's regional vice president representing Fresno. "The new friendships and networking help me come up with fresh ideas on how to do my job. And, they help me with the occasional attitude adjustment when we share stories of similar work challenges."
      If you are interested in joining our Chapter's Board of Governors and want to make a difference with how our Chapter is governed, please contact me. I am the chairperson of our Chapter Nominating Committee. I can be reached at richardharmelink@aol.com or office@emmysf.tv. Should you contact me, I will send information to you about the duties of serving as a Governor.
     Deadline is May 1. This year's ballot will be online. All Chapter members will receive the link to vote on May 15 by e-mail.
Thousands Raised for Rock The CASA
KGO-TV ABC7's Ashley Hosted March 5 Benefit Concert in Walnut Creek; REO Speedwagon Headlined

Rock The CASA Rocks with Dan Ashley and REO Speedwagon
KGO-TV ABC7 Anchor Dan Ashley, third from left, with band members from REO Speedwagon, March 5 at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. The famous rock band, known for hits like "Keep On Loving You", played to a sold-out concert as did Ashley's band, PUSH
Photo Credit: Dan Ashley

By Kevin Wing
Chapter Vice President, San Francisco

       Thousands of dollars were raised March 5 by Dan Ashley's Rock The CASA Foundation for two very special causes following a sold-out concert in Walnut Creek featuring REO Speedwagon
       The foundation, founded by Ashley, the longtime KGO-TV ABC7 news anchor, benefits Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Friends of Camp Concord.
       The annual concert was presented at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. In addition to REO Speedwagon, perhaps best-known for a string of hits in the 1980s that includes 1981's "Keep On Loving You," Ashley's band, PUSH, also entertained the audience. 
       CASA is an organization dedicated to children in crisis. Camp Concord offers children a meaningful camp experience in the beautiful Lake Tahoe wilderness. Through Friends of Camp Concord, children, who otherwise couldn't afford an outing such as this, get the same chance to enjoy a week in the wilderness at a camp.
       Ashley joined KGO-TV in 1995. As the station's primary anchor, he anchors the station's newscasts weeknights at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. as well as the station's 9 p.m. broadcast on KOFY TV20. 
       For more information on Rock The CASA, please visit www.rockthecasa.org.

A Silver Lining for Margaret
Former KGO-TV Producer, Assignment Editor Poindexter Follows Her Heart After Severe Stroke Changed Her Life

Editor's Note: Margaret Poindexter is a former Bay Area television news producer and assignment editor who spent the majority of her 20-plus years in the business at KGO-TV ABC7 in San Francisco. She began her tenure there as a production assistant, eventually becoming a news producer for the station's weekend evening newscasts and the weeknight 11 p.m. newscast. After years as a producer, she became an assignment editor for the station. A severe stroke, at the age of 42, cut her successful career short. Last month, Poindexter marked the 15th anniversary since her stroke by sharing the following post on Facebook -- a letter she wrote by request from April, a producer at the time for Oprah Winfrey. Off Camera invited Poindexter to share her story in this month's issue. Below is the version she wrote for Off Camera. Today, Poindexter is the director of outreach and engagement for Specialty Studios - The Video Project.

By Margaret Poindexter
Special to Off Camera

December 2002

Dear April,

      You asked me if I'd be willing to share my Silver Lining story. You bet I am. If I can help  others find their Spirit, their sense of peace & purpose in this world,  without having to suffer a traumatic health crisis to "awaken" themselves,  then I will have indeed served my purpose as the survivor of a severe  stroke at age 42.
      Let me take a moment to re-introduce myself. My name is Margaret  Poindexter. Last year, on March 13th, 2001, I suffered a major  stroke. There is no history of strokes in my family, and I had none of the  high risk factors; so it came as quite a shock to me and my family. But I  have to say that today, even with the lingering paralysis in my left arm &
hand, and the likelihood that I may never again ride a bike with my two young 
sons (ages 3 and 6) I have never known such happiness, joy, love & peace. I almost lost my life; instead I found my spirit.
Meeting an Archbishop
Margaret Poindexter, meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in 2006 in Bali, at The Quest for Global Healing Conference. Poindexter says the invitation to attend the conference and meet Tutu is an example of "the magic and synchronous moments" she refers to in her story and reflections for Off Camera.

     I started my career in journalism at KGO-TV some 23 years ago, as
a college intern while attending USF. The internship resulted in a full
time Newsroom position as a Production Assistant. I moved up the  ranks over 19 years from Desk Assistant to Producer of weekend & weekday
shows. Eventually I found my true niche as an Assignment Editor.
    The responsibilities of an Assignment Editor are multi-dimensional. But
I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that an Assignment Editor's task is to
run the "nerve center" of a newsroom. Assignment editors are responsible for listening to  half a dozen police scanners with dozens of different channels on each
one -- meeting with Executives, Producers, Reporters and Writers, offering  ideas for coverage on any given day, setting up interviews, dispatching
crews, reporters and producers, while answering phones, reading the
wires, confirming breaking news as it is happening, and setting up live  feeds and live phone interviews. Truly whatever the story or event requires,  to offer the viewers the best, most accurate & up to date information  possible.
       I loved my job as Assignment Editor. I've been told over & over again that
I was one of the best in the business. Not just by colleagues, but by  other professionals I dealt with on a day to day basis. An honor, for  sure.
       But, as I began to look back on my job after my stroke, I realized how much of
my time and energy was spent chasing the negative, and in many cases, the  horrors and human tragedies in life. Jeez, just sitting in a small enclosed  room for eight hours, listening to police scanners; can you imagine? And,  please forgive me for being so blunt; but it wasn't beyond me to become excited  about getting an "Exclusive" with someone who had just experienced the  most horrific tragedy one can imagine.
      To some, my stroke would seem to be one such horrific tragedy. And it
easily could have been; my doctors told me that 90 percent of patients who have the
type of brain bleed I had (no matter the age, sex, health) die from the
initial bleed. Of the 10 percent who do survive, most of them are so trashed from
brain damage that they are in a nursing home for the rest of their lives,
unable to speak or eat without assistance.
      Yet for me, the experience of the stroke, and all that has resulted from  it, has been the opposite of a tragedy. It was an epiphany, a spiritual  crossroads and pivotal turning point of my life. It began just five  minutes before the pain started in my head (my stroke was preceded by an  aneurysm) when I experienced a moment of pure ecstasy.  It was a warm (by San Francisco standards) San Francisco night. I was walking back to  my job as Nightside Assignment Editor at KGO-TV after picking up  dinner in North Beach. I was walking down one of those steep hills that San  Francisco is so famous for, looking out at the Bay Bridge, the water and the  city lights, thinking I am the luckiest person alive! I love my husband.  I love my kids. I love my boss. I love my job. I love living and working in  the Bay Area. I LOVE everything about my life. It was truly the first time  that I had ever felt so at peace, so connected to the Universe. I frankly  felt that if I put my arms out to my side I could have flown. (I would have  tried too if I hadn't been loaded down with take-out!)
      Five minutes later, as I was walking through the doors of Channel 7, the  excruciating pain began in my head. Within several hours, I was  hospitalized in ICU. The following morning, during an angiogram to  discover the source of the bleed, I suffered the stroke. Initially my  ENTIRE left side was paralyzed. Thankfully, over time, I have regained
total use of my left leg and speech. But, I still get very easily fatigued  by too much stimulus and stress; my left arm and hand remain  non-functional.
     I began to question very early on after my stroke why I survived it. My  neurosurgeon admitted to me that he truly believed I was not going to  survive the surgery he performed, to place an aneurysm clip in my brain. He  and other doctors have also shared that they were concerned I may never walk  again; and it was possible I might live the rest of my days in a nursing  home.
     But survive I did. And with my new found awareness, an awakened and open  heart, I realized how much beauty there is in the world; pure beauty,  Light, Spirit. A vast well of courage, love, inspiration, community,  the Arts and Healing, that mainstream media ignores. It's almost as if  the evening news has joined the ranks of many afternoon TV talk shows --  showing the "grit" of the human experience -- not the joy nor connection
we all share to each other and everything in the universe.
     April, I've never felt happier in my life. I can honestly say I am a  million-trillion times happier today than I was even on the night of my  aneurysm, when I experienced that moment of bliss shortly before the pain  started.
     How can that be, when I face a life of permanent disabilities? Unable to  raise my kids like "normal" moms? Stress and fatigue could cause me to  have seizures; though I've had none to date. And multi-tasking is very  difficult and very exhausting for me.
     The answer is quite simple. I have found my Spirit, and most importantly,
my true Purpose, which is to help others open their hearts, find their  Spirit, and feel their deep, profound, healing, loving connection to all  things, without having to suffer a great tragedy to get there. My life is  filled with magic, synchronous moments these days, along with the sense of  Peace & Love that results when we truly realize we are not alone and
isolated. My work now is in connecting people whose "voices" have helped  me in some way, people who otherwise might not get wide community  exposure, to the mainstream media. 
    Now, instead of viewing police  scanners, instead of chasing the horrors and human tragedies of life, I am  attracting and facilitating synchronous meetings with people who are  authentically creating healing and joy in their lives, sharing the very  essence of themselves with the community, and indelibly changing the  direction of people's lives.
Friends who have known me a long time are amazed when they see me today.
    One friend recently wrote me an email:
    "It is very odd, but you are a different person, and it's hard to say that  sounding like "Who are you now?" and neither apply here because I love  you and always have. It seems that you are on an accelerated journey of  some sort, one almost beyond your control, but one that is driving you and  clearly necessary for you to heal & grow. I am benefiting from your experience too.  It's amazing, as your friend, to see you undergo this transformation; you  are looking brighter, younger, freer."
     My husband kids me now. I was such a HUGE skeptic before my stroke that the
only thing 'Spirit' meant to me was something that came in a bottle. But  now I know better. Literally first hand (in part through my experiences  of adjusting to my paralyzed left hand). There truly is a profound healing  relationship between Body, Mind & Spirit. It's very real. And it is  available to ALL of us.  A Silver lining? FOR SURE!
     My life has become a lustrous shade of gray (silver) where black & white
thinking has dissolved, and along with it, the fears & expectations (and
disappointments) that come from such thinking.

Aloha to KHON: Mixed Plate Returns

       After 32 years, the award-winning local series, Pamela Young's Mixed Plate, is back at KHON in Honolulu, where it first began. 
       What began as a local news feature eventually grew to a show of international
Pamela Young
proportions, sending Young and her crew to 40 countries and 25 states, and in the process, garnering 12 Emmy® awards and a George Foster Peabody Award.
       "Pamela Young's Mixed Plate is the perfect addition to KHON2's lineup of local programming," says Kristina Lockwood, KHON general manager. "It's so wonderful to have a show of that scope come back to the station where it all began." 
       "Mixed Plate has always changed its focus over time and demands of the audience. I'm so happy the adventures continue at KHON," says Young (SC'04), who serves as regional vice president, Hawaii, on the Board of Governors of the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 

On the Move

Brian Van Aken
      Brian Van Aken, meteorologist at KRON in San Francisco, is on his way to New York City to join NBC News as a meteorologist for the network's Today show. 
        Toni Valliere joins KCRA in Sacramento as a morning news anchor, from evening anchor at WISN in Milwaukee. At KCRA, she co-anchors KCRA Morning News from 4:30 to 7 a.m. and KCRA 3 News on My58 from 7 to 9 a.m., joining Deirdre Fitzpatrick and Teo Torres in that capacity.
        Priscilla Luong joins KITV in Honolulu as a reporter and weekend anchor. Previously, she worked as an anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Abilene, Texas.

        Jordan Segundo joins KITV in Honolulu as a reporter and as weather anchor for the station's Good Morning Hawaii broadcast. Next month, he will receive a degree in journalism from the University of Hawaii. 
Priscilla Luong

        Maleko McDonnell joins KITV in Honolulu as a reporter. Previously, he spent 17 years as a radio announcer on Hawaii's Star 101.9 FM.

        Michael Horn joins KNTV in San Jose as a photographer for special projects and general assignments.  

        Gia Vang joins KMPH in Fresno as an anchor. She leaves KPNX in Phoenix, where she was a weekend anchor. A Central Valley native, Vang was born in Modesto. 

        Risa Omega becomes president and general manager of KXTV in Sacramento. She had been working at the station as its director of sales. Omega succeeds Maria Barrs, who is retiring. 
      Have a new job? Got a promotion? Retiring? We'd like to know about it. Please write to  On the Move  and  Off Camera Editor  Kevin Wing at kevin@emmysf.com .

Our People
"Covering the Big Story"
Many news anchors rarely leave the anchor desk to do their work. Not Heather Holmes. A KTVU FOX 2 mainstay for the last decade, Holmes co-anchors the Oakland station's weekend evening newscasts, including its 10 p.m. broadcast. During the week, she hits the streets as a reporter, a very talented one at that. Here she is, at a recent Bay Area news conference, making her indelible mark in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose television market. 

Do You Remember?

New for election night back in the day: flip a toggle switch and each Bay Area county 
would light up on this map. 
Who is the Art Director pictured here (he is a Silver Circle inductee), and what station was the map for?


In the March issue of Off Camera
we asked you to identify these 
three Silver Circle inductees. Who are they?

(Left to right) Don Curran (SC'88), General Manager, KGO-TV; Dwight Newton (SC'89), TV Critic, San Francisco Examiner; and Bob Foster (SC'88) TV Critic, San Mateo Times.  

Many thanks to 
Stanley Burford (SC'2000) and Diane Donian Paskerian (SC'89) 
for writing in with the correct answer!

If you know the answer to this month's
Do You Remember?, please write to 
Off Camera Editor Kevin Wing at kevin@emmysf.com.

Write Us! Off Camera Wants to Hear From You!


        Off Camera wants to hear from you. Have a great story idea? Interested in writing a story for us? Want to tell us how we're doing? Whatever it may be, please feel free to drop us a line.  Write to Off Camera Editor Kevin Wing at kevin@emmysf.com
       Thank you!

NATAS Job Bank
The Board of Governors
President:  Keith Sanders San Jose  State University
Vice President- San Francisco:  Kevin Wing*, ABC-TV Good Morning America
Vice President-Sacramento:  Cynthia Zeiden* Zeiden  Media   
Vice President- Fresno:  Kim Stephens* KMPH Fox 26 
Vice President- Hawaii:  Pamela Young*, KHON 2
Vice President- Reno:  Terri Russell KOLO 8  
Vice President-Smaller Markets: Alyssa Deitsch, KHSL/KNVN
Secretary:  Randy Forsman KCRA 3
Treasurer:  Jim Spalding Spalding & Company
Past President:  Javier Valencia* Consultant
Linda Giannecchini* KQED 9  (National Awards Chair)
Alison Gibson Media Cool  (National 2nd Vice Chairperson)
John Odell* CCSF Emeritus
Steve Shlisky*KTVU Fox 2  
Alternate: Kevin Wing* ABC-TV Good Morning America
Kent Beichley, Pac 12 Net
Wayne Freedman* KGO-TV ABC7 
Luis Godinez KDTV Univision 14
Andi Guevara, KTVN 2
Richard Harmelink KFSN ABC30   (Nominating Chair) 
Pablo Icub KUVS Univision 19
Brian Johnson KFSN ABC30
Sean Karlin, Independent
George Lang*The Big Picture
Da Lin KPIX 5
Terry Lowry* LaCosse Productions   (Gold & Silver Circle Chair) 
Melissa Mapes KITV 4
Joyce Mitchell* 4 U Productions
Michael Moya, fotografx
David Paredes KNTV NBC Bay Area
Pat Patton Consultant
Ross PerichProMotion Studios
Manny Ramos* Manny Ramos Communications
Erik RosalesKMPH FOX 26
Brenda Salgado KGMB/KHNL Hawaii News Now 
Don Sanchez* KGO-TV ABC7 (Retired) 
Matt Skryja CSAA  
Karen Sutton Independent  (Emmy Gala Chair)
Melanie Woodrow KGO-TV ABC7
Noemi Zeigler Sanchez, Laney College
Activities/Programs:  Cynthia Zeiden* Zeiden Media 
Archives/Museum:  John Catchings* Catchings & Associates
                            Linda Giannecchini* KQED 9  
Awards:  Julie Watts KPIX 5
Education:  Steve Shlisky* KTVU Fox 2 
Finance:  Alison Gibson Media Cool  
Legal/Bylaws:  Mark Pearson ARC Law Group 
Membership:  (Vacant)
Marketing:  Patty Zubov Platonic TV

Darryl R. Compton* NATAS

* Member of the Silver Circle 


Contact Information:

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
San Francisco/Northern California Chapter
Darryl Compton,
Executive Director
4317 Camden Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403-5007
Phone: 650 341-7786 or 415 777-0212


The name "Emmy®" and the graphic image of the statuette, are registered trademarks of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.