In light of the Second Coming, God's mission mandate for the Naples Seventh-day Adventist Church is to connect people to Christ, enabling them to be transformed into His likeness and equipped to serve Him. 
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Happy Sabbath! We pray your week was full of blessings.  We look forward to coming together in worship with you!

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Worship Message:
 "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism"
Message Provided by: 
Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.

Text:  Ephesians 4

Much of the Apostle Paul's writing focuses on teaching the saving actions of God.  In his world, much like ours today, the focus of religious people was on trying to please God.  Paul's theology clearly taught the great gracious act of Jesus on the Cross to save sinners.

Frequently, Paul would make his case for grace and then use the word "therefore."  Usage of this word indicated a transition from his message of God's grace to us that would then lead to some response from us.

This week we shall look at just such a passage of Scripture where Paul calls upon all of who are saved by grace to respond to each other in love.

Tithes & Offerings


The bumblebee. It has been said that aerodynamically the bumblebee should not be able to fly at all, since his body is large and heavy and his wings so small. Nevertheless, not having read those dismal reports, the bumblebee goes ahead and flies anyway! And today, as we feature three of our prominent universities, we stand in awe at "what God hath wrought." For a denomination of our size should not be able to have such a powerful influence in the world as we do through these very special entities. But we do, and it is a direct result of the faithfulness and dedication of our people. This, of course, is also reflected in our worldwide system of medical and educational institutions, as well as publishing houses and numerous other ministries. It all comes about because for years we have had a strong emphasis on faithfulness in tithing and other giving. We can be justly proud of what the Lord has accomplished through us, and at the same time be challenged to move forward steadily as we see the Day of the Lord approaching. Let us then not only give to assist the educational work carried forward around us, but also strive to be shining lights wherever God has placed us, through consistency in tithes and offerings and in other forms of service to the cause of God.
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Received Month-to-Date NACS/07-01-2018 to 07-31-2018 
$  636

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Administrative Assistant Pathfinders Florida Conference Administrative Asst.
Church & School Auditor Treasury Florida Conference Church & School Auditor
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Buddy Break 
will be August 31st @ 6:30 pm
Contact Michelle Crombie at 239-272-8031 or email .
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Nathaniel's Hope 16th Annual Make 'm Smile Festival 2018
13 Living in Expectancy Pastor Stephen Bohr

13  Living in Expectancy by Pastor Stephen Bohr
      (Matthew 24 series)


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Common Cause
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Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.
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Danielle Krivda

August Birthdays

1  Tory Rucker
2  Tracy Fitts
3  Jeanlovir Demezier
5  Mihael Martin
6  Cameron Bernard
7  Marc Field
7  Rachel Nicic
8  Geoffrey Courtright
9  Briahna Mejia
10  Joel Vanchura
11  Gisele Gusmao
12  Madeline Perez
13  Mark Gerstal
15  Marie Theodore
15  Marius Sacacian
16  Rita Bennett
17  David Banas
17  Reyna Sandres
18  Ruth Santos
19  Leland Haddix
20  Kyle Lee
21  Samuel Hilaire
21  Natasha Legros
22  Ralph Clotaire
22  Mason Kganela
23  Chad Bernard
23  Yvon Jean Baptiste
26  Marc Lacoste
27  Brenda Currie
27  Marilene Jean-Pierre
28  Susan Besser
28  Seamus Bingham
28  Gwenda Cherelus
28  Bill Letchworth
29  Cindy Rone
30  Glory Kganela
31  Joyce Collins
31 Marlene Smith


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