Happy New Year!

Dear Neighbors,

This past year has been full of progress and historic wins for our community. Onondaga County is not only experiencing a comeback, but we are on a path for growth and success that we haven't seen in generations. I have pledged to make sure that every corner of every neighborhood from the city to the suburbs to our rural neighbors is able to take advantage of this new and exciting momentum.

Critical to that effort is making sure that folks are informed and have access to the latest information which is why I am excited to share with you the launch of our new community newsletter! Our goal with this newsletter is to keep you up to date on the latest happening in County government and also allow us to highlight the work our amazing workforce does everyday that doesn't always make the evening news.

My administration continues to be laser focused on addressing the issues of Poverty, Infrastructure and Economic Development and as you will see below, tremendous progress is being made, but there is more work to do - although baby twin elephants help a lot too!

I hope you and your loved ones are having a great start to 2023 and I look forward to continuing to work hard everyday to deliver for you and all of Onondaga County. As always, never hesitate to reach out if my team can be of any assistance.


2022 Year in Review

Micron coming to Central New York: "Make no mistake, this is the Future"

  • Micron will invest up to $100 billion over the next 20+ years building at least 4 new megafabs;

  • Largest private investment ever made in United States history;

  • These new megafabs will create nearly 50,000 jobs including 9,000 new high-paying jobs directly at Micron and nearly 40,000 community jobs-including suppliers, contractors and other supply chains;

  • The 4 megafabs at the White Pine Commerce Park site will be 600,000 square foot each, accounting for a total of 2.4 million square feet of cleanroom space. That's the size of approximately 40 football fields;

  • Micron and NYS will make an historic $500 million investment in community and workforce development.

New miracle twins Yaad and Tukada

Miracle Twins born at Rosamond Gifford Zoo

  • Male Asian elephant twins were born to parents Mali and Doc on October 24, 2022;

  • Elephant twins comprise of less than 1% of elephant births worldwide;

  • To date, there have never been a recorded case of surviving elephant twins in the United States.

County Executive Ryan McMahon said, "This is truly a historic moment for the zoo and our community. The important research happening right here at the zoo will have a significant impact worldwide on behalf of this magnificent endangered species."

County Executive Ryan McMahon and 911 Call Center Operator Rich Moses

Launch of Nurse Navigation Program

County Executive Ryan McMahon announced that the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Communications/911 has partnered with Global Medical Response to help County residents and visitors quickly reach the most appropriate level of care when calling 911. The Onondaga County Nurse Navigation program launched on May 19, 2022 and provides access to a wider range of options to meet the callers' specific medical care needs.

Emergency Communications Commissioner Julie K. Corn said, "Through this new and innovative partnership with GMR, our 911 operators will now have the capability to transfer 1,000s of calls annually and get our residents more appropriate care for their specific needs."

County Executive Ryan McMahon with Emergency Communications Commissioner Julie Corn

Health Commissioner Dr. Kathryn Anderson

County Executive Ryan McMahon names new Health Commissioner

  • Dr. Anderson received her medical degree and doctorate in epidemiology from Emory University in Atlanta. She did her residency in internal medicine at the University of Minnesota;

  • She was an assistant professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology at Upstate Medical University;

  • Dr. Anderson is an infectious disease expert and was part of a team of doctors who put together the first model of how Covid-19 could spread through Onondaga County;

  • Her research includes field epidemiology and respiratory viral disease spread and transmission.

Dr. Kathryn Anderson on her new role,

"As a resident of Onondaga County since 2019 when my family moved here for a position at Upstate, I witnessed first-hand how well our County responded to the pandemic and I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to join this team. As internal medicine physician and infectious disease epidemiologist originally hailing from Minnesota, now serving as Commissioner, my immediate goals for the Health Department are to increase collaborations and synergies across programs, departments and with community partners in order to streamline our efforts and maximize our impacts on community health."

Largest Tax Cut Ever

Budget Highlights:

  • $1.4 Billion budget which included a 11% tax cut;

  • Increased funding appropriations for 30 county programs and offices;

  • $10.5 million investment in the health and development of children, including $5.5 million for more mental health programs and $5 million for lead abatement;

  • $5 million investment into the Children Rising Center, which will house a YMCA and an early childhood center, among other amenities;

  • For the 5th year in a row, the county will not use money from its general fund to support the budget;

  • Continued investment in our Main Street Grants program with an additional $5 million.

County Executive Ryan McMahon said:

"I view the budget as a statement of values and priorities. The 2023 budget prioritizes tax relief for our citizens, funding for our base operations, public safety, revitalizing our infrastructure and our neighborhoods."

County Executive Ryan McMahon (R) and Adult and Long Term Care Commissioner JoAnne Spoto Decker (L) at a Senior Event

Senior Stimulus Program

Starting December 1, 2022, Onondaga County Seniors who qualified for the enhanced STAR property exemption began receiving their $200.00 Senior Stimulus Checks. County Executive Ryan McMahon proposed this initiative to assist seniors in their financial recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty.

County Executive Ryan McMahon, "We all know that many of our senior citizens are on a fixed income and the current rate of inflation is making it increasingly difficult for them to pay bills and put food on the table. We also recognize that our seniors are the backbone of our neighborhoods and have laid the foundation for the progress we see today. While these payments will not solve the larger economic headwinds, we are all facing, it will provide some temporary relief for those who need it most."

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

"This epidemic ruins lives. What we're seeing is it ruins lives across the board, but more and more young people each day. That's why we are making this investment, so it doesn't ruin anymore." - County Executive Ryan McMahon

Onondaga County received over $3.7 million during the first round of opioid settlement payments. Six local organizations were selected to receive funding based on the recommendations of an advisory group made up of Syracuse University and Upstate Medical University experts.

Funding Recipients:

  • Catholic Charities: Harm Reduction and Recovery Support Program;

  • Crouse Hospital: Addiction treatment services;

  • Arise: Health and School-based Health Services;

  • Center for Court Innovation: Community First Pilot;

  • Onondaga Health Department: Mental Health and Substance Abuse;

  • Onondaga County DA: Enforcement of Dealers;

  • Redhouse: Opioid Awareness Curriculum.

Onondaga County will be receiving additional funding to fight this horrific plague and will make future announcements on prevention, education and treatment efforts.

County Executive Ryan McMahon reading to children at the Soule Branch Library

Onondaga County Public Libraries are now Fine Free

"Our libraries have transformed into robust ecosystems that are very much larger than a place for books and magazines. They provide a wide variety of resources that are vital to many people in our community. Furthermore, Onondaga County is constantly working to eliminate barriers for people as we work towards as we work towards our overall recovery. By waving all outstanding fees, fines and no longer charging for them going forward, we are ensuring that all members of our community can take advantage of our library system." - County Executive Ryan McMahon

  • In total there are 11 City libraries and 14 Suburban libraries who have gone fine free;

  • By waiving all fees and fines that were outstanding, over 26,000 patrons will benefit with $282,917 in overdue fines being waived.

Onondaga County Announces Next Round of Main Street Grants

County Executive Ryan McMahon announced that the towns of Marcellus and LaFayette would both be recipients of the next round of Main Street Grants. These grants are designed for local revitalization efforts to grow the retail business district. A main street in a village, a business district in a town or streetscapes in a hamlet are all eligible for these grants. Atlantic Seafood, The Sports Bowl and 315 Realty Partners are three businesses in the village of Baldwinsville who modernized their exterior thanks to the first round of main street funding. Multiple storefronts and streetscapes in the Village of Liverpool have also been renovated. Due to these successes, the 2023 budget includes a continued investment in our main streets with an additional $5 million.

Proposed before & after of a vacant building in the Village of Marcellus

New County Park on Otisco Lake

In June, County Executive Ryan McMahon officially opened the newest addition to our extensive park system. The new park is located at the southern end of Otisco Lake on Otisco Valley Road in the Town of Otisco. The parkland is available to the public and includes shoreline access, walking trails and a parking area. Park visitors will appreciate a natural setting along the waterfront of Otisco Lake.

County Executive Ryan McMahon said:

"It is no secret that Onondaga County is home to a world-class and award-winning parks system. The Onondaga County Park system is also vast and diverse, allowing our residents and visitors a range of experiences to appreciate their natural surroundings. We could not be more excited to establish this new park for our community."

County Executive Ryan McMahon walking new trail extension

Loop the Lake-Murphy Island Trail Extension Complete

It was nearly 50-years ago, that Onondaga County first set out to create a trail connecting Onondaga Lake to neighborhoods across the county. I am happy to report, that once ambitious goal, is close to reality. The Loop the Lake Murphy Island trail extension marks another 0.36 miles towards the completion of the loop the lake trail. Murphy's Island is best known as a winter roost for bald eagles. With groups greater than 40 congregating during the winter months to take advantage of the access to warm water. The attractiveness of this area to migratory birds, especially bald eagles, is a testament to the progress we have made on the cleanup of Onondaga Lake. As a measure to ensure that bald eagles are not disturbed during this sensitive period, we have restricted access to the trails and assets near the warmer waters on the southern end of the lake. Onondaga County is committed to ensure the bald eagle population of Onondaga Lake is never threatened or harmed.

Bald Eagle flying over Murphy's Island

County Executive opening Renovated Oneida Shores Boat Launch

New Renovated Boat Launch at Oneida Shores

County Executive Ryan McMahon announced the opening of the newly renovated Oneida Shores Boat Launch. Construction began in January of 2022 and was completed ahead of schedule in March of 2022. Features of new Boat Launch include:

  • A consistent cast-in place concrete slab-on-grade ramp with an engineered subbase;

  • Rip-rap installed along all edges of new ramp prevent lake bottom scouring and erosion;

  • Eight lanes are now active and will be served by the existing floating docks;

  • Ramp is 145-feet wide and extends further into the water out to 88 feet.

Boat Launch Information:

  • $10.00 per launch

  • Seniors (62 & up) Monday-Thursday-$4.00 per launch

  • Personal Water Craft Launch- $10.00 per launch

  • Season Boat/Personal Water Craft Pass- $100 per trailer

* Boat passes are also good at Onondaga Lake Marina

Below: Newly Renovated Boat Launch

Onondaga County selects

Verizon for Broadband Initiative

Onondaga County announced that Verizon was selected to deploy broadband throughout Onondaga County and finally solve the digital divide. With $11.1 million in funding provided as part of the American Rescue plan and a nearly $7 million investment from Verizon, almost $18 million will be spent bringing all-fiber, high-speed broadband services to over 1,500 locations in the County.

County Executive Ryan McMahon said:

"Onondaga County is proud of this initiative and pleased to help deliver this vital service to our rural residents. Verizon's choice to partner with us and invest in the County is another indicator of the resurgence that is occurring here. It will also provide vastly greater data capacity at a time that virtually every consumer is relying more on online services to function remotely. It will also set the stage for increased competition in the data and voice sectors."

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