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Report on the Republican Convention  
Last week, Mike Cox and I worked a TSRA booth at the Republican Convention in Fort Worth. During the first two days Republican House members and Senators dropped by to say hello.  All commented that the gun-carrying demonstrations are doing more harm than good and not to expect much from the 2015 legislative session. 

The complaints were fueled by a demonstration outside the Fort Worth Convention Center plus a handful of delegates who wore black powder handguns into the convention.    

As TSRA's lobbyist, I count votes and I begin counting votes long before bills are even filed.  Wouldn't you?   Every negative comment could be considered a "no vote" on any form of open carry.

Then  I met brothers, Chad and Drew Curry from Tarrant Co., and cousin, Casey Curry from Williamson Co. pictured below and things began to turn around. 

Imagine a "Smothers Brothers" routine with silliness mixed-in with education and all in support of open carrot, I mean "open carry".   No vegetable was harmed!  Plus no bad press!
Even Lt. Governor candidate Dan Patrick caught on to Common Sense Carrot.  

Texans stand a chance this session if "our side" stops providing the "ammunition" being used by the press against us.   I cannot find one single legislator who's happy about the demonstrations or rallies held in his or her district.  These are the folks who matter, the folks who vote to change law.   
As always,
Keep the faith.
Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association 
Legislative Director
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