A Seattle Wedding Show Shoutout From Safeway's Debi Lilly
Lifestyle Expert Attributes Her Style to 'American Grown' and 'Field to Vase'

Lifestyle, event and floral-design expert  Debi Lilly  posted a message on Facebook that caught our attention over the weekend.  (Read more here.)

Debi Lilly highlights her "American Grown"
and "Field to Vase" style during her appearance at
the Seattle Wedding Show over the weekend.

The 2017 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour
Don't Wait! Save Your Seats Today!

Today, the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour reveals the schedule of flower farm dinners for 2017.

In its third year, this year's tour will be the best tour yet, criss-crossing the county, stopping at the most beautiful flower farms in the United States.  ( Read more here .)
Setting the Table in Washington, D.C.
Meetings in Advance of Meetings Make for Better Meetings
This week, CCFC Chair Diana Roy of Resendiz Brothers Protea and I traveled to Washington, D.C., together to meet with members of the new Congress and their staffs to discuss some of our goals and objectives for 2017. 

With a new administration and a lot of new members in key flower-farming regions around the country, it was an important opportunity to get a sense of the temperature and appetite for addressing the issues and opportunities we see ahead in 2017. ( Read more here and register for this year's DC Fly-In .)

CCFC Helps Bring the California Culture to Inauguration Luncheon
California State Society's Presidential Luncheon Celebrate's the State's Culture

CCFC Chair Diana Roy with Andrea Gagnon of Lynnvale Studios and me
on the stage at the California State Society's Presidential Inauguration Luncheon.

Thank you to our California flower farmers who helped provide the California Cut Flower Commission with the flowers needed to make the Presidential Inauguration Luncheon for the California State Society a beautiful one.  The theme of this year's Inauguration Luncheon was "A Celebration of California Culture."  (Read more here.)

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