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May 2017                                                                                      Issue # 75
Gardening Is Good For You
With Spring finally here, more people are spending time outside and many of those people are getting their gardens in shape for the growing season in New England. Many people find gardening a great source of relaxation and a way to enjoy the "zen" of raking, planting, watering. A well cared for garden can be beautiful, but at the same time the work can be hard. Before you go out and start turning up soil, you may want to check out some of these helpful tips on gardening, some tips on tools and also some stretches. Have a great spring and may your garden grow well.
Little League Has Started 

The return of warm weather also means the return of little league for many. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we regularly see young throwing athletes that have developed shoulder and elbow injuries from throwing too much. Many of these injuries can (and SHOULD) be prevented by parents and coaches. Kids always want to play, but should never be playing in pain. There are some great resources for pitching safety, one of the best being Pitch Smart. They have up to date information on pitch counts, advice on what to look for and what to avoid. It's always a shame when a young kid has to miss a whole season to recover from an elbow or shoulder injury that could have easily been prevented. If you have kids (or grand kids) that play, check out the link for Pitch Smart, you will be glad you did. If you need other advice or help recovering from an injury, come see one of our experts right away.
The Right Fit For The Best Ride

Many people that ride, don't have any idea on the correct way to set their bike up for a proper fit. You don't need to wait to be in pain or training for a race to benefit from a professional bike fitting. Anyone who rides a bike can benefit. Most people will be more comfortable & perform better following a professional fitting and as a result will enjoy riding more. Our friends from BikeBarn have put together an article this month to point out some common ailments for cyclists that can corrected by a professional bike fitting. Physical Therapy can help with your injury recovery, but injury prevention is even better! Click here for the article and if you feel like you need that fitting, visit our friends at BikeBarn

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