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October 2017                                                                                   Issue # 80
Choose PT, Not Opioids!

It's hard to watch the evening news and not see a story about the negative effect the opioid epidemic is having on lives of so many people. Physical Therapy has always been an alternative to the use of opioids and at Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we help many people get rid of their dependence on narcotics while giving them their lives back. Through the use of simple techniques to help restore flexibility and strength, we are able to get people over their pain. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has many resources for people to help point them in the right direction...and physical therapy should be the direction for many! There are some staggering statistics on the epidemic. If you know someone who has issues with opioid addition please have them read this brochure from the APTA. #choosePT

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hamstrings. 

If more people were better about stretching and strengthening their hamstrings, we would probably have many fewer patients in our offices! The hamstrings play a key role in helping with both mobility and stability of our spines as well as being a major part in helping us walk and run faster. The majority of people we see for issues related to the lower body and low back generally have some need for improving both the flexibility and strength of their hamstrings. To learn more about hamstring injuries, click the image to the left. We have also put together a  simple set of exercises that you can perform to help improve the mobility and strength of your hamstrings. If you are having issues with flexibility and strength in your hamstrings and would like one of our experts to evaluate you and get you doing the right program, don't hesitate to call and make an appointment in one of our offices. In most cases your insurance will cover it!

Get Up. Stand Up. Move Around. Like Your Life Depended On It.

Sitting is evil, right? In our recent blog we discussed how sitting is being called the "new smoking" because of the adverse effects on health. What the experts are saying now isn't necessarily that sitting is's lack of moving around that's bad! But isn't that the same thing? The answer is 'not really'. What researchers have found is that breaking up your sitting every 30 minutes or so actually helps to reverse the negative effects of sitting. The problem is most of us just don't do that! So starting today, make a point of getting up from your desk multiple times per day and take a quick walk, do a set of stairs, go talk to a colleague or have some water from the water cooler. Make it a regular habit and you just might reverse the curse of constant sitting. If you are looking for a few stretches to help you move around,  try these. They just might help some other issues caused by sitting too long at work!

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