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Blue Hills Sports & Spine's Monthly Newsletter
June 2019                                                                                     Issue # 100
Our 100th Newsletter

It's hard to believe that we have reached our 100th newsletter! When we started this newsletter a little over 8 years ago, our plan was to find a way to share some helpful hints, tips and tricks with our patients and others who are part of our newsletter group. We appreciate the feedback we have received over the years and it's always great to hear that people are actually using some of this information! To keep it fun for the 100th edition, here is a link to 100 Inspiration Physical Therapy Quotes, a link to help you train to do 100 push ups per day, a link to the 100 abs per day challenge and finally a quick list of 100 reasons to get exercising! Be careful if you are trying some of these exercise challenges and come see us if you think you have an issue that would prevent you from trying it!
Save Money, Get Better Faster, Get PT 1st For LBP
At Blue Hills Sports & Spine we see our share of patients with Low Back Pain. As a matter of fact, it's the number one reason people come to us! It's also one of the top reasons people go to see their doctors too. In Massachusetts (and many other states), physical therapy is direct access. What that means is that you can skip the trip (and the wait) to your MD and come in for physical therapy 1st! We will do a comprehensive examination and still send a report to your MD to keep them in the loop, but at the same time we can get you on the road to recovery faster! There is plenty of evidence that Early PT saves money, saves time and has better outcomes. It also reduces the dependence on opioids and gives you better clinical outcomes. So next time you have that low back pain, come see us 1st!
Ulnar Neuropathy On The Rise?

Do you find that when you are working at your desk, texting on your phone or reading in bed at night that you get some numbness and tingling down your forearm and along the pinkie side of your hand? Does it go away if you take pressure off your elbows, or straighten them out? If this is you, then you are having some symptoms of ulnar neuropathy. The good news is that in most cases, changing how you work at your desk, or changing your arm position when reading or texting is all it will take to stop the symptoms from happening at all. However, ignoring the signs could lead to more consistent symptoms. Click here to learn more about ulnar neuropathy (cubital tunnel syndrome) and here are a few nerve glide techniques for you to try on your own if you are someone that has been having some symptoms. The pictures may look a little funny, but give them a try! If you are having symptoms that won't go away, come see us.
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