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July 2017                                                                                      Issue # 77
Physical Therapy Isn't Just For Injured People...really.
If you have had the experience of needing physical therapy in the past, it was most likely due to an injury or for the recovery of a surgery. We're you aware that physical therapy isn't just for injured people? Physical Therapists are the experts in movement and helping people maximize their ability to lead a better life by keeping them at the top of their mobility and strength. If you aren't not happy with how you move, if you don't feel like you have the strength, stamina or balance you once had and would like to get it back, come see us. Click here to learn more about how physical therapy can help you before you are injured!
The Best Way To Run Faster Is To Train Faster!

With summer starting, the number of road races to run are essentially endless. When was the last time you had a personal best for a road race? Are you training the right way to help you run faster, or do you just keep the same pace and hope to just finish faster? If you have never been formally coached then we have a tool for you. If you have been coached but forgot what to do, it will be a good refresher course! All you need is our printout, a stop watch and a track and you have all you need. To have more fun, bring a few friends that like to run as well. Doing regular track work to help improve your speed is vital if you want to achieve those personal bests. So print this down and hit the track and be faster by the end of this summer!
Summer Is Busy...Don't Forget To Squeeze In Some Exercise.

Summer is time for fun in New England. We can finally get outside and enjoy the good weather and hopefully that means more exercise! With the good weather, people also seem to be a bit busier and then you throw in a vacation or two and you can miss a few weeks (or months) at the gym because you just don't have the time. If you find yourself in that category, remember that even a little exercise is better than no exercise at all. We love this 7 Minute Workout that the New York Times made famous a few years ago. Who doesn't have 7 minutes? Maybe even do it twice for a pretty solid 15 minute workout! They even have a phone app if that makes it easier. So get the app or print down our attachment and spend a few minutes keeping yourself in shape this summer!


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