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March 2018                                                                                 Issue # 85
Help For Your Hamstrings

As physical therapists, we spend a good part of each day discussing the importance of hamstrings with our patients. If more people did a better job of maintaining flexibility and strength of these muscles, we might have to look for other jobs! The hamstrings help with stabilization of your spine, they help with your ability to lift and they are a big part of being able to walk, run and play. Just doing a little work on them might just keep you out of our offices. Our Braintree team has put together a couple quick exercises to try at home. Click here to view the video. Give em a try.
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Stiff Shoulders Are No Fun

Having a stiff or painful shoulder can sure cause some problems in your daily routine. Many people start to realize that they can't reach for things without twinges of pain, have difficulty putting on shirts or jackets or even have trouble washing their own hair. There are many conditions that can cause shoulder pain ( frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears), but in many cases, a shoulder can just get a little stiff and limited because of a minor irritation, lack of use or through general aging. Click here for a few simple stretches and range of motion exercises you can try at home to see if you can loosen that shoulder up on your own. If you are having lot's of weakness in your shoulder, or very sharp, acute pain then you should see your MD and ask to see one of our experts right away.  If you have questions about whether or not Physical Therapy can help you, give us a call.

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