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March 2017                                                                                      Issue # 73
Back Pain Myth Busting
At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we treat a lot of patients with low back pain. Many of these patients have been experiencing back pain for years and ended up not getting the right advice and treatment in the first place. We take great pride in our approach to getting patients back to their regular lives again. It's why our motto is "Why Let Pain Win?". Getting the right evaluation of your condition and getting a custom program designed is a big part, but understanding the myths of back pain is important too. This month we are tackling some of the common myths. Click here for the article and if you or someone you know has been suffering from low back pain, come see could change your life!
Play Ball!

It's still winter in New England, but in Florida and Arizona it's warm and all the pro baseball teams are in spring training. If you are a throwing athlete in New England and haven't been preparing for your season, it's still not too late. Doing some simple pre-season strength training and flexibility training can go a long way. Most of the players we see at Blue Hills Sports & Spine skip this step and end up missing some (or all) of their season. Don't be one of these this simple strength training and stretching program and give it at try. Remember to see the experts at Blue Hills Sports & Spine if you do have an issue that isn't resolving and we will help get you back on the field again.
Tendinitis or Not?

Tendinitis is a common diagnosis that we treat regularly at Blue Hills Sports & Spine but not every one of those cases is actually tendinitis. Sometimes what we are treating is actually a tendinosis and the treatment approach is completely different. The tendinitis diagnosis tends to be a "catch all" that describes some pain the muscles or tendons surrounding a joint. How those symptoms actually present, what the causes where and how long it has been a problem can completely change our approach to treatment. To learn more about the difference click here. Remember to see the experts at Blue Hills Sports & Spine where we will do a thorough evaluation of your condition to make sure that the treatment approach is the best for you.

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