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July 2018                                                                             Issue # 89
Better Mobility = Better Golf Swing

Summer seems to finally be with us for good now and the golf courses are filling up. Any PGA Pro will tell you that strength is important in playing the game, but mobility is even more important to a good swing. Most people don't spend any time preparing for their golf game, but doing some simple mobility exercises and stretching a few times per week can sure help improve your swing, maybe take a few strokes of your score and most importantly, keep you from some back, hip or shoulder problems that many golfers encounter. For a simple golfers stretching program  click here. Save it to your phone and have a little group warm-up with your foursome before your next game!
An Active Approach To Treating and Preventing Low Back Pain

All the experts agree that an early return to activity is key in recovering from low back pain. 80% of the population will encounter a period of low back pain in their life. 50% of the population has had back an episode of back or neck pain in the past three months! The old school way of waiting till the pain is gone and taking medications (like opioids) to help with the pain just doesn't get it done and can lead to chronic back pain and missing many things in your life. We promote an active approach and have helped thousands of people get thier lives back through doing the right exercises. Strength is key, but not everyone wants to join a gym or buy equipment. We have put together a general program that will get you going in the right direction. Click here for the handout. This doesn't replace the advice of an expert, so if you are having low back pain come see us in our of our offices. It will change your life.
Levator Scapulae Strains...Hate Em, Right?!?

Have you ever woken up with a really stiff neck and what feels like a ball under your shoulder blade? People like to blame it on "sleeping wrong", but usually the offense occurred 24-48 hours prior to the symptoms arriving. Lifting something in an awkward way overhead, lifting something heavier than you are used to, or doing something repetitively can lead to a levator scapulae strain. The symptoms can lead to pain, difficulty with neck and shoulder range of motion and some muscle spasms. The symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Because this is a postural muscle, it has a tendency to go into spasm to protect itself. The good news is physical therapy helps a lot with these injuries and getting moving and getting some blood supply pumping through the muscles goes a long way. Sometimes they are an isolated event, but sometimes there is an underlying tightness or weakness that leads to these injuries happening more frequently. That's where we come in. Here is a simple program that will work for most, but is no replacement for an expert assessment. If you have these strains on a regular basis, come in and see us and we will get you a custom program to help address the cause.
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