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April 2017                                                                                      Issue # 74
Swing Into Action...But Stretch First!
Living in Massachusetts isn't the easiest on golfers.Those that don't have the luxury to winter in Florida to keep their game in top shape, end up starting over each year in the spring. April is finally hear and hopefully with it some warmer weather. If your golf prep resembles more "grip it and rip it" versus a good 10-15 minute warm up and easing into your first shot, you may want to try our stretching program for golfers. Taking a few minutes to loosen up can maybe take a few strokes off your game and also keep you out of our offices to rehab a golf related injury. Give it a shot and share it with everyone in your foursome!
Marathon Recovery Tips 

If you are one of the thousands of runners that has braved the New England winter to train for the Boston Marathon, then you are well versed in all you need to do to train for a marathon. But, have you put thought into how to best recover from a marathon? Many don't prepare for what can happen to your body from running the full distance and maybe even faster than you had planned while the crowds cheer you on. Take a few moments to review  our tips for marathon recovery and hopefully it will make your whole marathon experience a better one. If you are running, best of luck from all of us at Blue Hills Sports & Spine. If you have post race issues, remember to see one of our experts!
The "Runners 11"

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we help rehab a lot of runners. Although each patient is different, many runners have similar issues and mostly stem from not doing enough balanced leg strengthening. Running itself doesn't do much to fully strengthen your legs, so you need to do some additional work to help keep you on the roads and trails and off our tables and gym equipment! For throwing athletes, there is the "Throwers 10", so we have decided to put together the "Runners 11". These are some strengthening exercises that all runners should be adding into their program at least once a week. It's actually a really good workout and you need very little equipment to do it. We know runners like to run. So try our "Runners 11" and keep on running!

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